Monday, September 27, 2010

Random, Rapid Fire, Catchup! Part I b)

But Wait There's more!!

1) I was working on that table awhile back. It's done, set up and doing the job just fine, thank-you very much. I found out a little secret after all was said and done. Apparently, the varnish does not leave little pink dots on your work if you leave it out to dry. Apparently, when your daughter spray paints pink paint onto your work area you get little pink dots on your work.

2) Damson finished and b e a u t i f u l. You may see this again real soon. It's a shawlette that has looked wonderful on anybody who's tried it on. Love. It.

3) We went to the Hoe Down. Yup. Hoe Down.
Save a horse; ride a cowboy. I said, Save a horse; ride a cowboy!

4) O.K. GADGET ALERT!! Superstore. Right now! $9.97 (I paid $12 whatever; still worth it). I thought it looked like a nice little something to work on in a poorly lit, not firm and lacking in drink setting options kind of place. Turns out that's only half of it! I had to open the back to put the batteries in for the light. It had a flimsy bag of those little styrofoam ball thingies that stick to everything should they ever escape from above mentioned flimsy bag, and I thought, "Hey, what if...."

I stored the yarn to make this wonderful sweater (that I picked up at the Knitter's Fair) and then nobody would see the yarn, it would always be close to be loved and it makes a way better cushion than that flimsy styrofoam stuff.

5) I love it when I find new places to hide stash.

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