Friday, November 5, 2010

In The Hopes

In the hopes that fellow bloggers will post something to entertain me (Cough, TDC) I will put a little something out there myself.

The knitting world just gets smaller and smaller...I was reading the Yarn Harlot the other day and enjoyed hearing about her latest sock. I followed her link and considered purchasing the pattern; I still might, but I actually have to check and see if I already did. ;o)
And the story kept running through my mind...mmmm, something's familiar about all this...

Ah Hah! I said. I have that yarn! The name felt good, but really it was the colour that called to me. (I love the names of yarn; sometimes that's about the only reason I buy it; it's not like I need it or anything, but you already knew that.) I decided to make some wrist warmers for a friend of mine; I have the first one completed and have started on the second, but I gotta say...I really like these, and I'm a little doubtful (and feeling guilty about my hesitation) that they'll actually get to the person that I started them for. I'm a baaaad knitter, or maybe just a bad friend.

Seascape Update:

Have completed the 6 repeats that the pattern called for and have begun #7. I anticipate completing #8 before I begin the end chart and blocking. Two weeks to go...I hope I make it. True to Noro form there's a colour glitch and I'm just living with this one. I have, however, taken the appropriate steps to ensure consistency in the rest of the wrap.

Because that's what I do.

Also to be completed in the next two weeks. :o)

"A Bamboo Tank Top" using Dye-Version Bamboo Sock. It's 93% Bamboo and 7% Lycra; therefore, there is a real spring to this yarn. It is absolutely wonderful to work with and I have no trouble staying true to working with it daily.

At this point in the pattern I'm working a simple 4 row repeat, and 3 of those rows are knit. Why then when I sat down earlier did I have to tink 3/4 of a 210 sts. row because I couldn't work the one round of 'YO, K2tog" a few times? Simple right? Geez! I'm sure glad it's so pretty; I was happy to spend the extra time with it.

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thatdarncat said...

I know, I know. Being monogamous with knitting is b.o.r.i.n.g. I wish I could flit around with multiple projects, but I'm on a deadline.
It's just a good thing you can entertain yourself.
Seascape looks pretty...can't wait to see it.