Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Catching Up

Made it to Mexico and home again, safe and sound! The holiday was fabulous and we're looking forward to another one about now?

First and foremost...Seascape was finished and blocked and dried in time to make it to the resort. I wasn't especially pleased with my blocking, but I've taken some steps to correct any concerns that I had. (Cough---KnitPick Blocking Mats---Cough---on order---)

I need to be doing about a dozen other things right now; so here it is, a drive by holiday review. I've got some more pictures to post another time...I'll try to anyway.

This is the view from the room. That's right, an infinity pool right outside our door! I would walk that little river, under the bridge to the swim up bar, gather a couple of Raspberry Margarita's (yummo!) and walk back to enjoy a little sunshine in my own private pool.

This is the view from the beach. Here a nice fellow would bring me the Raspberry Margarita.

This is the view from the bar where I switched it up for a Strawberry Daiquiri.

And on our final night we played a little chess. You know it's a good night when your husband ends up wearing your new lace wrap.

I won.

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thatdarncat said...

The wrap is gorgeous! Very suitable for a Mexican fiesta.
I hope you had a couple of margaritas for me.

Blocking mats eh?.....