Friday, December 10, 2010


Thursday's are my favourite day, as you might well know already. There is nothing routinely happening here at Creativehands Central; so I look forward to the day in the week where no body's due here early in the morning and there is nothing booked that I need to rush out to. The icing on the cake, that is Thursday, is that it is also Knit Night.
Yesterday, however, was far from any routine Thursday.
My daughter was in a Volleyball tournament and would I come? Could I drive?
Be at the school at 830.
I am not what you would call, athletically inclined, but when I was a girl.....
I was on the school Volleyball team...and we wore awful pleated skirt uniforms to play in too!
Anyway, I showed up; ON TIME...I'm really trying to make that more of the usual instead of the some girls to the tournament and dutifully sat there knitting and cheering as they lost 8 out of 8 games.

Here a couple of things to make note of as far as our team went. These are junior girls and we had grades 4-6 represented. Have a look at that bench...we had a big team! Everyone of those girls got a turn to play---every game; each rotation meant one girl off and the next one on. I thought that was great. They also improved as the day went on and were playing much better by the last game.
Maybe next year.
Then it was knit night.
Cookie Exchange Knit Night. See? Cookies and Knitting!
For a few years we combined cookies and gift exchange and dinner and....
All on one night! Too Much!
Now we break it up a bit and exchange cookies one week....and everybody shows up.
We plan our dinner for the next week with gifts, etc....and everybody show up.

It's so much fun to have these two get-togethers for fourteen very special reasons.

We even let some mice join the fun. He won't be bothering us anymore though; I took care of it.
This morning I was finally home and alone, so I dug out the Christmas presents that I had put away to get a handle on what I did, and didn't, still need to take care of while continuing to quietly repeat my mantra, "It's not going to be big this year. It's not going to be big this year." Then I wrapped most of the presents, feeling quite proud of myself, thinking, 'I don't want to just survive these holidays' (which let's face it, is the whole month) 'I want to enjoy them and if I'm all stressed and running around all the time..."ENJOY" is not the word that would come to mind.'
Then the power went out. Heck, even before I finished wrapping and tidying up the wrapping paper, the power was out. So I sat down to knit.
Knitting this month is a tricky trick.
There's the knitting for people that you don't live with; so it's o.k. to knit that stuff at home. When other people are home.
There's the knitting for people that you don't live with, but can't knit when other people are around because the knitting is too complicated for outside observers. AKA: Quiet Knitting.
There's the knitting for people that you do live with that you can knit when you are out at knit night or waiting at dance class or drum lessons or dentist appointments or maybe even work.
There's the knitting for people that you do live with that you cannot knit when you are out because it takes more brain cells than you have available at that time. AKA: Alone Knitting. This last one is the trickiest of December Knitting, but I think that I've got it covered pretty well this time.
I made a hat.
It's wrapped so I can't show you, but I like it. Who knows how it'll go over Christmas morning. Do fourteen year old boys like their hats to match their coats? I'm really trying not to dwell on it.
Back to life without power. It is amazing how quiet the house is when the power is off. Luckily I had already turned on the gas fireplace, so I had a nice warm place to settle in and I did knock off a few rows of a hat for somebody that doesn't live with me, but you know what else you can do when the power is off and nobody is here to bug you?
Spin. I spun and I spun and I spun.
My bobbin overfloweth. Sigh.
After awhile the power came back on, I could tell because all the house noises started again, and I went down to finish the laundry that had stopped mid-cycle, wait for the water to get hot, so I could have my bath and have a cup of tea.
I shared this tea with my lovely knitting friends; you know...tea and cookies...and it was a hit...even with the non-tea drinkers! It's a nice festive beverage to drink...that's o.k. to drive after!
You know where else you can have tea and cookies and knitting?

In Mexico and you don't have to lift a finger! (Except to knit)


thatdarncat said...

I hope you get some rest this week. We have another fun Thursday night to attend!

Honeybunch1 said...

Heh - I finally found the comments section - beautiful photos of nature and of course your busy schedule of projects.

Honeybunch1 said...

Nice car - can't wait to see it!! You will have a ball motoring around with your new Mini!! Enjoy!