Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spinning Too! (Two ?)

Just needed to post this addendum to my last post to let my dear friends see that I know how to celebrate just like my sheepy friends there. 
 Alright then, moving on...

Dear Stephanie,

This is what I saw outside my window as I considered your post of yesterday.
 Now, I happen to find myself with quite a bit of time to myself this March Break and so to your request I say, I'M IN!!

I chose my first project very carefully; as in, a small amount to get started and that might go with the Bison that I've already spun; that I've been wanting to use with something, because I didn't get a lot of yardage from it.

I wanted to show the non-spinners the difference between predrafted and drafted roving -->  VOLUME!!

 (I love taking yarn/fibre shots.)

 I spun my singles in less than 2 hours and took sensible breaks so that I could still walk afterward.  Makes me sound old and decrepit, but all the "professional" spinners tell you to take breaks; so I did!

I marveled at how gathering my equipment and choosing my fibre was like a scrapbooking adventure.  I relived choosing the fibre and the specific colourway over the other colourways available.  I took a moment to notice how the fibre picks up the pink in the apron that I use to cover my lap when I spin.  The apron was a gift for my mother that I made several  (many) years ago; I like to use it for spinning because I have a Lady Bug and a Bee wheel and the fabric has lady bugs and bees!  And it brings me close to mom again, too.

 The idea of spinning everyday for a week gave me an opportunity to pay attention to one of my Christmas presents.  You place a coin in the yarn basket and as the lovely lady spins the coin drops you have money to buy more fibre.  ;-)

So as I spun, watching the snow swirl before me, I also thought about the week that lay before me...a quiet, lightly scheduled with appointments that only I choose to engage in, restful week and wondered how I should incorporate this spinalong. 

I have decided that I will predraft, spin my singles, prepare the next days treasure and then let the singles rest.  The next day I will ply my previous days work creation before spinning the previously prepared treasures.

 Did I mention "treasures"?
This is some fibre I picked up at Rhinebeck a couple of years ago and it is soooooooo soft.  Mmmmmm

 And after drafting...I have a beautiful Yak and Merino Rose. 
Yes, I am desperate for spring!  Please?!

So Stephanie, I accept your invitation and have my wheel at the ready!  I am gaining confidence and speed, but hope for some advise along the way.  I have a batt of Mohair that I need to spin to be able to complete a scarf project (to go with a skirt that I no longer own---always the way) and am unsure of how to start/proceed. 
Any hints on spinning from a batt?  Any hints for spinning Mohair?

I think this is going to be fun and look forward to reading about and seeing pictures of the many spinners you've brought on board and all that they create.

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thatdarncat said...

Can't wait to see your finished yarn. You've got a nice view for spinning. We've even had some sunshine recently, and the days are getting longer.