Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Every year I VOW that it will be different this year!
I will NOT plan to make something for everybody I know; I'm gonna keep it simple; I'll keep calm about the whole thing...

Yup, every year. And this year was no different.

I vowed. I had ideas. I shopped and stash dove to brings said ideas to thruition.

And then....

I stress, stay up too late, forget to eat and feed my family and just generally can't stand how wonderful everything turns out!!! (Except for the mess and the general lack of well being in the family department)

Here's a wall hanging that I completed for my friend J. She had a Christmas party Saturday night and was presented with above quilted object to take a place of honour at her cottage.

We've been trying for a couple of years to get together to make a quilt called Dream Catcher; we were supposed to take a course at Jellybean's in Oakville, but the weather was bad on the scheduled day (here anyway) and we didn't make it down there. We have the fabric cut and both of us just need to stay still long enough to actually get it....you're waiting for me to say done, aren't you? Nope, STARTED!! We've set aside Monday afternoons. We have yet to get together on a Monday afternoon, but we've set it aside alright, yup, Monday afternoons; quilt with J.

Maybe next year.

Here is the little sweater that I've let you peek at over the past few weeks. I used Snuggly yarn from the Stash...it did have a recipient in mind, but that was two years ago....and it was a girl. Now, I made this for a girl too, and added some pink daisy buttons just to make sure that no one got the wrong idea. Another part of the rationalization is that the wee one who gets this sweater is the 5th grandDAUGHTER and second girl to mom and dad. I'm pretty sure that there will be enough pink around that one blue and white sweater won't go unappreciated. I've always wanted to do that twisted cable thing; it looks so challenging, but really quite straightforward and once I got my head (and hands) around cabling without the cable needle, the whole thing just flew!!

Here's another Stash buster!! A fleece housecoat that was meant for my son, but time got away (again) and he had outgrown it before I got it made. The Red Hot Mama's did a kids gift exchange where we drew names and I got (I mean one of my kids got) a little fella' that was the right size, age, etc. and his mom was going to appreciate it too. Fleece is nice to work with because there is no need to finish the seams, ie. it doesn't fray; so you just go along cut it, sew it and wear it! Now this was a team effort as it was my mom who cut it out for me (helping me get it ready for my son); just making sure that the credit is given where the credit is due!

It's funny, I remember a LONG time ago mom and I talking about sewing and both of us agreed that we didn't mind the sewing part, but cutting out would be a job we would like someone else to do. Well, she looked after that housecoat for me and although her grandson didn't get to wear it (he wears the one she made him) the little guy that got it was really tickled; so thanks mom.

I also remember mom showing me how to cut out patterns and how to best lay them out and not waste fabric. And as I was going over all the hints that she has given me over the years I thought about those weights that they sell for holding down patterns and how I don't have any; yet didn't ever see the point. Don't get me wrong I love the gadgets, the new fangled things that make any task or hobby go along more smoothly; to get those fabulous results that we all strive for! And I wondered what they used to do before those weights, because I remember life before the weights.

And then I remembered what my mom showed me to do. Do you have any 'mom' tricks?

So the kids gift exchange with the Red Hot Mama's (and Papa's) was on Sunday...yea, it was a busy weekend! It was a pot luch luncheon and I brought dessert (I usually ask to bring desserts). Well, it was a kid function, but the adults would want something too; so I came up with a Gingerbread Theme. I made a Gingerbread House FROM SCRATCH for the kids; my daughter help decorate it, and a Gingerbread cake with a cream cheese and spiced apple filling...YUMMY!!

Here's most of the Red Hot Babies and the Gingerbread House (I can't believe that I didn't get a close up of the house....duh! -- I'm trying for the Homer Simpson sound there) Anyway, you know how Gingerbread Houses are usually just picked away at with candy all gone; leaving only poor, bare and slimey cookie house?

Four minutes flat and it was GONE!! All of it GONE!! It was like a shark feeding frenzy!!!

I was so happy. :o)

Well, I'm still working on the next batch of Christmas deadlines, but can't show you yet. Any hints though on how people stamp sayings, pictures, etc. onto fabric? I'm not totally disappointed with my efforts, but I'm just wondering what kind of input I can get from other crafters out there. I bet Cotton Picker will have some good advice!


Cotton Picker said...

I am absolutely sold on pattern weights - no going back to pins for me. And I had to laugh when I saw the picture of the soup cans because that is exactly what I used before I made my own pattern weights. The fancy ones from the store are ridiculously expensive.

I'm not sure I can be of much help when it comes to rubber stamping on fabric. So far, the only time I tried it was to use dye ink on untreated muslin and the result was so so.

All your projects are really nice. And I am in awe of anyone who can put together a Gingerbread House, let alone from scratch.

Maggie R said...

"but time got away (again) and he had outgrown it before I got it made. "

Boy did that ring a bell!!! Nice you found a little guy that fit the robe...

Your work is lovely. I don't knit much except when a doll needs a little something!
Oh I do knit socks but when it comes to sweaters FORGET IT! I remember knitting or trying to knit a red mohair cardigan for myself, one side was longer than the other and it was too big and.....Oh Heck ,,I ripped it out and tried to knit a shell..well somewhere in my house is a half knit shell!!Guess I should put my energy elsewhere... but I just love the little blue sweater with the daisy buttons.... Someone is going to look darling in it.Thanks for all the eye candy..
Maggie, in rainy southern ontario Canada