Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Me!

It's been a year today since I had my last chemo treatment.

A few weeks after that I was given the all clear from the doctors, along with, "see you every 6 months for the rest of your life."

The next two pictures are courtesy of my dear friend P who calmly escorted me to two of my treatments, knit with me while waiting, held my hand while crying (I'm not sure if it was both of us or just me; felt like just me).

I took along with me, to my last treatment, the comfort shawl that my dear friend E made for me. And I KNOW I cried when I got that and read the sweet words in the card that came with it; it truly was (and is) a comfort! The scarf I wore whenever I wanted to look half decent (which felt increasingly difficult as time went on) was from my brother years ago, and I received so many compliments when I wore it that I figured that it must look alright!

I look a little zoned out in this picture; well, I did have a little somep'n somep'n (had to think how to spell that) to help 'settle' me. My translation is: The medication didn't really relax me, but it did enable me to at least sit through this final treatment and not BOLT out the door!

I guess each hospital has a special way for you to honour completing your treatment and at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, you get to ring the bell on your way out!

And ring it I did!!! (I'm pretty sure P was choked up for this one) Also, just to clarify any confusion (and because I'm still a girl) the camera adds 10 pounds and so does chemo! (at least 10 lbs.) Looking back on this picture I remember how all the people in the waiting area were so supportive and congratulated me and wished me well and how warm, sincere and caring they all were; I hope they got to ring the bell as well.

That was December 28,2006.

By January 1, 2007 I was ready to start the new year and say BYE BYE to 2006!

One of the things that I looked forward to most was...

Stitched West in California!! My hair had started growing back in mid February and so when my husband and I headed to California I thought, 'it's California; I can have any kind of hair I want there' and went without a hat or scarf or anything! M said that I was easy to spot in the airport!

There are stories about flight delays etc., but one of my fondest memories is a lady running after me after we had landed to ask me how I had been allowed to knit, or even bring my knitting to the waiting area? And since knitting was the main reason I was there, I was tickled! Two words: Bamboo Needles. I'm usually a fan of Addi Turbo, but I figure on the plane it just makes sense to go with the Bamboo.

Word to the wise----Always check with the airline and be prepared to mail it home if they won't let you take it with you!

One of the best things about 2006 was the birth of my second niece O. It was so wonderful to have a new baby to cuddle, love, and think about the future with. I remember holding her and not wanting to give her back to her parents, because the next day I was to see the surgeon that would give me the biopsy results was just soooo much better holding a sweet new baby. So here's the beautiful face that made me smile (and still does) whenever I looked at her for the past year and a half.
And here's our big girl with the sweater that I made for her for Christmas. When I gave it to her I said, " Thank Heaven for little girls", because that sweater was supposed to be for my daughter and when that didn't happen it was supposed to be for my eldest niece and nooooo; so here it is six years later and yea! A little girl that can wear it! It's mauve chenille (If I ever want to knit chenille again, remind me how much I hate working with chenille. Every few years I make something to remind myself how much I dislike it; I don't want to do that anymore, so help me out will you?), with a maripou (sp?) trim for the sleeves and neck and pewter clasps. It's a kit, and except for my procrastination qualities, was an enjoyable project.

I celebrated my one year anniversary with some friends and their kids and had a lovely and lively evening! Just the way it should be....

One year later.

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Cotton Picker said...

So much can happen in one year. Thank God you can always find some good with the bad.

I love the picture of O with the broad smile. What a sweetheart. I think she looks so much like her daddy.