Saturday, December 29, 2007

Make it Fabulous!

O.K. That's enough of that, I need to post something that's nicer to look at than that picture of me last year!

Let's move on to something knitterly!

There is a lot of symbolism and memories associated with this next knitted project, but tonight I'm just going to focus on the wonderful-knit-ness of this scarf.
If I get too much into 'the story' (which, as I've been reminded, is always better than reality) then this blog has the potential to become a 'downer blog'. I don't want to have a 'downer blog'. I've seen some, and I can't tell you which ones they are, because I didn't go back to read them because....say it with me....they were 'downer blogs'!
So here is a lovely ribbon scarf that I presented to my friend H in the lovely pink box with self 'bowing' closure. The kit came from Sheep Strings in Huntsville,ON and was packaged in the box so that it must have surely been meant to be knit and presented as a gift. (follow the link to get the story and maybe order a kit for yourself!)
It's quite a soft, delicate accessory that I know will look fabulous on it's new owner!

It was worked with two different ribbon yarns and the ends of the rows, where the yarn changes occured were left longer to create a fringe running along one of the long edges. Beads were then added to the tales and the fringe at the end to give the scarf some weight and sparkle!

So that was what I produced from a kit.

This is something that I came up with on my own. :o)

When my niece was born (almost) 2 years ago, her room was to be decorated in a Winnie the Pooh theme. I found this neat fabric, not like I'ld seen other places, at F & K Textiles in Bradford, ON. I then found (in the discontinued, $2-$3/m rack at Fabricland, this tigger striped flannelette; it had a grease stain on part of it, but I could work around that and I grabbed it! When you get a fun fabric like that you really don't want to mess around with it too much (and I still fool myself into thinking that I'll finish things faster if I keep them simple!---Who's fooling who?) so I just figured out a letter 'O' and machine appliqued it to the front and used the same 'tigger' fabric for the backing. I chose one of my decorative stitches on my machine and, again, kept it simple for the quilting.

And it was there that I stopped. I was uncertain about the binding and so there it sat, and sat, and sat. I moved it around quite a few times, but this year I decided, 'That's it! I'm finishing it and getting it to her before it's too late!"

And I did.

I've faced that 'uncertainty' trait quite a few times this past year, sat down and researched whatever the issue was, and then realized that the only thing to do was to try. Just do it! Nobody ever died from a 'not perfect' quilt binding! The sweater that you made doesn't look the same as the picture? Call it a 'design element' and move on; there's a lot more yarn out there waiting for you to turn it into something fabulous...maybe not perfect, but fabulous all the same!

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Cotton Picker said...

That scarf is fabulous for sure. Cute quilt too.

Happy New Year and all the best for 2008.