Friday, January 30, 2009

O.K. Then...

Don't you just hate it when that happens?
You go out for a bit or get up for a drink of water and BOOM, somebody's taken your bed!!
If you look closely you can also see the numerous body parts of snowmen and a gingerbread man strewn about...Oh the inhumanity!!
I tell you, never a dull moment around here.

On the knitting front...

The "must complete knitting" complete. Check.
Three pairs designed, knit, cast off, and blocked. Check.
Socks in the mail! Check.
Email sent pleading the judges not to start the proceedings before they get my socks. Check.
Overkill? Check.
Just wait until they read the entry form! They did ask why I thought my socks should win, and I wanted to make sure that they truly understood all the nuances that were included in my creations. Unfortunately, they didn't really leave me enough room to share all that my socks mean, and, well, they'll have to turn the page over; or refer to page 2.
After the contest I'll post pictures and the full story and not the condensed version that the judges got. :o)
Sooo, got some new stuff:

A lovely BIG, pink laptop; the screen is big enough for me to see everything and best of all---I mean BEST of all, there's a number keyboard (I don't know what you call it; it looks like an adding machine) built into the side of the keyboard. Yea!
Oh, I figured out the picture loading thing----no problem!
Got the co-ordinating messenger bag and best of all...the pink mouse. It's so cute and streamlined!
Funky little sheep----well, just because---he's got this wonky little smile and is sitting beside me right now waiting to see what I'll knit next and if I will use the new Addi's.
You know what? The next project that I'll be casting on (no time for WIP's---oy!) is for a friends daughter who's getting married, and won't really work well on an Addi needle---the yarn is too slippery; so, Harmony it is. Finally, a project that I can show you (pretty sure the groom won't be checking my blog and see part of the bridal outfit before the big day) as it progresses...and it will progress, because there is a deadline!
I'm quite honoured to have been asked to make this jacket. Her grandmother and I were very dear friends, but we lost Carole a few years ago to ALS. A horrible disease. Horrible. I miss her everyday. This jacket brings us together again in knitting. I'll be knitting all of a grandmother's love into this project and know that Carole will be smiling down on a beautiful bride in May.

Now, because I'm posting on Friday....

Beautiful Friday. (and knitting)

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Cotton Picker said...

The top picture is too funny. Cat stealing dog's bed.

I have a friend who has three cats and a dog. Poor dog is at the bottom of the totem pole. The cats (named Tom, Dick & Harry, BTW) win out every time.