Monday, February 2, 2009

February 2009

February is a full and busy month here at Creativehands Central; you know, not like all the other months. Cough.
We have a birthday or two, an anniversary, Valentine's Day...and that's the time that we knit for love. (again, not like the rest of the time)
Here is the latest new cast on. It will be the Bolero worn at the wedding in May. I knit it for the love of a grandmother who won't be there, in body anyway, and for the love of friends still with us.
How do I know it's love, you ask me?

Can you say, "100% Polyester"?


More love knitting includes knitting for Charity. A group of us who are mourning the loss of several friends; yet celebrating their time with us have gotten together to complete a project in memorial of one of these friends, especially.

This is a the start of a square from here. I've done this Grapevine Pattern a few times now and it still enchants me; I see using the same stitch in another project in the future.
It's really amazing how much more quickly your knitting works up on 5 and 5.5 mm needles as opposed to the 2.5-2.75 mm that I've been primarily working on for the past 6 months!
So that's my love knitting, but today is not Valentines Day (only 12 more days for anybody looking to surprise their loved one with Dark Chocolate---for the health benefits only)!
Today is Groundhog Day.
Here's my shadow.

Here's Chloe's shadow.

So I'm assuming that the Groundhog saw his too. Now, based on previous experience, six more weeks of winter is what we're gonna get, regardless of what Wiarton Willy saw. In fact, if we only get six more weeks that would be a bonus! (I personally won't put any of the winter stuff away until after our April snowfall; there's ALWAYS an April snowfall.)
This however, was not what spoke to me today. Today, when I read my inspirational message from "Never Not Knitting" I was reminded of a sweater that I began two summers ago. A warm, woolen sweater, a sweater for me that I have yet to complete and wear! (Actually I have more than one on stand by, but this one waves at me more often than the others.)

Six weeks of winter?!

With Knitters as my witness, I will complete this sweater in six weeks!

I can do that. I completed an Aran sweater for the Knitting Olympics!

Working a few more diamonds and a couple of sleeves with yarn that I just adore will be a piece of cake!

I WILL KNIT FOR ME!! I WILL CREATE AN F.O. (think what you will!)


And in six weeks, I will wear my sweater, and I will be the envy of all that gather to share in the Mindful Knitting Retreat!

"Envy" probably doesn't go well with the whole "Loving Kindness" thing does it?

I have so much to learn.

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kgbknits said...

Ready. Set. Knit! Six weeks and counting.
Pretty colours...looking forward to seeing the FO.