Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Today, for example...

One of the reasons that I started a blog was because sometimes I write emails to my friends sharing with them the joys of my days; the ones that go over best tend to be in a list format.
Today, for example:

I was down at TGH ALL DAY today for a 10 am appt. I left the house at 8. I got home at 3. It wasn't totally a hospital system glitch, however...

1) I missed the bus.
2) The GPS sent me on this funky trip down Dufferin to get to Yorkdale.
3) Couldn't find parking where I usually park at Yorkdale.
4) Found parking outside the movie theatre and then WALKED all the way to the subway (in rain/snow).
5) REALLY had to pee since part way down Dufferin.
6) Decided to H#$% with it; went pee AND got a coffee before heading up for the appt.
7) He's running behind. SURPRISE!!!
8) I look through my magazines, I sketch out some knitting design ideas, I start, yet, another sweater.
9) I get called in and get to flash any number of people.
10) I am firm in my conviction 'not to settle' and that I was told BY MY SURGEON that I "can be as picky as I want" and elect to have a little bit more Day Surgery before we move on to the purely aesthestic part of the whole ordeal.

11) Start the paper work. Complete the paper work. Wait for yet another person to come in, because THAT'S WHAT I WAS TOLD TO DO!!
12) More waiting.
13) It's 1 p.m. now; I go out and find somebody to see if anybody else is really coming to see me. They're not.
14) At 1:15 I get to go pee again and eat lunch. I call M to let him know that I won't be running anymore errands today and that I'm just going home.
15) The dog has been locked up all this time (he didn't get home to let her pee) N.B. Peeing is the big theme today.
16) Subway back to Yorkdale was uneventful, except for these two annoying young women gossiping; very LOUDLY, the whole trip. (Did get a message that M went home to look after the dog. phew!)
17) Stupid ^%^%% GPS took me across the 401; then I misunderstand and ended up going up Yonge; then turning at Sheppard, and then it wanted me to go back to the 401 to go to the 404! I just stayed where I was.
18) Got home at 3.
19) Went to bed.
20) Got up after 5 and asked M to take the kids to dance and drums tonight.

Soooo, how's the new job?
See you Friday...Coffee?

And now? To bed with a cup of tea and a book.
Maybe there will be pictures tomorrow.

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