Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Let me make this perfectly clear.

I received an email today from a dear friend. She was forwarding something that had been sent to her and was concerned and looked for input from her friends.

Go here: POPCORN

Luckily, I had already received the above mentioned email and had this to share with her:

My dear J.
Did you send this to many of your nearest and dearest?
Please be advised, and feel free to advise as many others as you want.
It doesn't work.
Now, you've met my knitter friends, right?
Picture a Thursday evening in a room over a skating rink with 12-15 women of varying ages and beauty. We coordinated our efforts and made sure that we had enough cell phones and I brought the popcorn! (Orville Redenbacker of course) We set up the phones, we arranged the popcorn, we called all the phones several times and in several different arrangements (signaling some curious on-lookers to stick their heads in OUR room to see just what was going on? Because, and this should come as no surprise; not only were there numerous ring tones going on and on and on; there was of course, much jocularity!) and it did not work. Our findings were further confirmed by those knitters who had tried it earlier at work (we're a hard working bunch).
So, in conclusion, and as one of our more scientific knitters pointed out, "Honestly, don't you think we'd all be dead by now?"
I love Thursdays.

p.s. I'm quite pleased with this editorial and I think I'll just move it on over to my blog...no worries, I will change the names to protect the innocent.

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