Monday, February 16, 2009

It's Not You, It's Me

Dear Blog,

You are always on my mind. Wherever I go I think about you; what I want to show you and the stories I want to share with you. I take more pictures than I can possibly show you (for one thing, how can I post more than 5 photos per entry? Anybody?), I kick myself when I forget my camera and I also beat myself up when I've procrastinated posting a wonderfully, witty story only to later think that I've lost the opportunity and just skip it until the next one comes along.

Well, not today, my friend!!

I am playing a little catch up here, and hopefully will post more of the stories, (although maybe a little out of date), if not somewhat 'random'.

I think I'll start back and move forward.

I went to spend a few fun filled days with some loving friends last weekend. A girls' weekend. I just gotta say, (I know I've said it before) Girl Weekends are the BEST!!! These friends aren't especially knitters, but I'm working on it; we do, however, enjoy many varieties of wines together. D found an organic winery right there in her backyard and when I heard the name...Oh, we are so going there!



So I bought some souvenirs (and a T-shirt), and because I'm such a knitting geek (for lack of a better word) I told the poor young girl working there about knitting and frogging and frogponds!! I did it quietly so as not to embarrass my friends too much more than I already do. They really did wonder about my sanity when as we were leaving I just about jumped out of the moving vehicle (yes, REALLY) to get a picture of the perfect ending for a knitter who visits the Frogpond Farm:


All I kept thinking, besides how much I love my friends for taking me to this wonderful place, is I wonder if the Yarn Harlot knows about it? It would be right up her ally, don't you think?

After we left the Frogpond we went over to Anna Olsen's new Cafe where we enjoyed a wonderful lunch, aaannnnddd got to talk with Anna a little bit! WoooHooo. Beside the restaurant there happened to be yet another winery, (It is Niagara you know) that just opened in November and as it turns out is also Organic. The proprietors of the Ravine were very knowledgeable and we learned quite a bit about the history of the area as well as the grapes and the wines while enjoying just a few samplings...hehe.
I have pictures from that weekend, but they'll have to wait for another day.

I've also been knitting.

I've got the back, one front done, am making progress on the other front and have a cuff started for the sleeves; which of course I'm altering, because that's what I do, take a pattern and "tweek" it. Hopefully, the changes to the sleeves won't have much of an impact. I was a little frustrated yesterday as the ball of Noro that I was working with had some 'hidden' colour change issues that I did not appreciate! I love Noro yarns and there colour schemes, I do however, find that there tend to be a fair number of knots, but it's something I choose to live with because of the joy that I find when there are no knots. Well, yesterday, I had to rip out the same diamond, three times! First time, I started a new ball and a short time into it found a knot and wasn't going to be happy with the colour placement if I restarted after the break; so ripped it out and started a new ball. The second ball worked up fine until there was a colour change that did not 'merge' as it had for the rest of the sweater. I was working on this lovely green and then there was a quick twist and into the 'ugly' (I read about that here) part of the ball; it didn't fit, it wasn't a smooth transition and after I worked it another inch or so (we all do it) decided that that too, was going to bug me, so out it came. Once again, I pick up the stitches to work that diamond and, you guessed it, an inch or two in, boom, a knot! Honestly, that ball of yarn had more bits cut out that I can hopefully use later in the sweater, than I used to actually knit. Geez! I did manage to get a complete diamond finished and am hopeful that the next one goes a little more smoothly.

I hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day. My family and I enjoyed time with friends and I explored some new shopping (new to me) territory and ventured up to Barrie to explore the shops on Dunlop. I will go again! There was a nice variety of stores and the people were lovely to visit. My girlfriend and I hadn't seen each other in quite along time and it was a nice afternoon with a wonderful lunch too! The knitting/wool gods were smiling down on me again and hiding on the bottom shelf in one of the stores that we went into was this:

Yarn at half price! I'm hoping you can catch the sparkle in the mohair. It really is a bright and cheerful yellow and that's why that's the package that got to come home with me.

I'm hoping to organize my studio/room today.....


One load of laundry done (to keep me honest). Check

Blog entry written. Check

Got out for a walk. Check

Mending? One thing (so far) Check

Dishes. Check

Shower? I will ---too much information?

O.K. I'm hoping tooooo.....enjoy the day, whatever it may bring. I hope you do too

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