Friday, January 15, 2010


Yeah, I'm still here.
Last week I had an appointment in a small town north of us that is quite well know for its antique stores; it was a nice sunny day, so I visited a couple of them and look what I found!

I guess it's true that everything has been done before! The wheel on the miniature spinning wheel really turns; it's very cute.

Again, last week, (O.K. let's just clear something up here. This post is made up entirely of old news. Maybe next week I'll be able to catch up to this week.) I was lurking over some of my favourite blogs and Maria got me to wondering about the 'blooming' of yarn. Well, it just so happens that I too was working with Great Northern Yarn (thanks to Pick Up Sticks) and was able to clearly show the beauty that she would enjoy once the blocking was done.

See, lovely smooth yarn to knit, and when its turned into something to snuggle against your cheek or hands, and after you carefully block it, you just get a wonderfully soft bloom of knitted perfection!

I have to tell you I am having a little trouble staying focused on writing this post. I bought myself Volume 1 and 2 of the Glee soundtrack and get totally caught up in every song that comes on! I put it on to cook, and as it happens, it also means that I dance while I cook. I'm counting it as exercise.

O.K. more knitting content. There has been quite a lot of discussion out there about the upcoming Olympics and to what extent knitting will be involved. I participated in the Yarn Harlot's Knitting Olympics last time around and challenged myself to begin, AND COMPLETE, an aran sweater (well, it has cables o.k.?), in the designated time frame. I truly believe that my biggest challenge was actually sticking to one project and completing it, but I did it, and I enjoyed it!! I had a lot of support from, of course the knitting world at large, and, my dear knitting friends, the Cast Offs. Upon completion of the event they presented me with a medal that I proudly wore around my neck. I'm so glad that I have friends that 'get me'.

I assumed, and I'm not sure why, that these upcoming Olympics would bring the same challenge to the world of knitters. I've been trying to decide what project to attempt for the event. I've got yarn that has been in my stash, with a specific project in mind, mind you, for...well, some of them for 10 (maybe more) years. Should I go for seniority? That might not address the 'challenging' aspect of the criteria. Some of them, challenge or not, just cannot be completed in the allotted time....pretty sad that one, ' so why even bother starting?' One of my concerns was that once I decided on my project, while it was clearly stated that swatching was part of the 'training' that all Olympians must do, I was going to have a hard time waiting until Feb. 12 to begin! The conundrum just kept coming back to me again, and again. I looked through my stash, I looked through patterns, I did want to be prepared! And then, I saw this:

This lovely collection has been moved more times that I can even remember, never mind share. In my mind there is the most beautiful sweater, full of memories, love and appreciation. There are some sketches, some photos for reference, some notes, some samples, all waiting for the time that I will sit down, figure it out, write it down and...
And that's when it hit me. That's the one! I can use this 'training period' to design the sweater that has been so patient as to wait until I was able to give it the respect that it is due. I can swatch for gauge, I can measure, I can plan, I can chart...I CAN DO IT ALL!!! And intarsia is making a come back! (interesting note: one of the spell check options for intarsia is Ontario.???)
---oh boy.
There's one little thing though. Ravelry is hosting the "Ravelympics" and the last day to sign up is today. (Hey! Current content! WooHoo!) The Yarn Harlot isn't sure if she wants to set something up again, this time around, which I completely understand, because I'm sure it was a whole wack load of work!! Now, while I certainly can come up with a project to play along with, it doesn't necessarily mean that I have to participate, or that I have to choose only one Olympic event to participate in! Since I'm a Pisces, and have trouble making up my mind and I don't want to miss out on any knitting fun I'm leaning toward the 'choose both' camp.
This of course may be a mute point, as I said, the Yarn Harlot hasn't decided yet if she will lead us. Bottom line, if I want to participate in the Knitting Olympics, then Ravelry is the way to go and now is the time to do it!
Thanks for listening guys. I just had to think this through a bit, and seeing it here in black and white gave me the answer I was looking for. I also want to thank the Harlot, because she not only inspired me in my knitting Olympic goals, she also reminded us the there are "no knitting police" and if when it's all said and done, and I don't finish or I'm not able to participate the way that I want to....well, that's o.k. too.
I also want to address (you know, if I posted more often, I may not need to write so much when I do!) the support that knitters are offering to the agencies offering assistance in Haiti. The Yarn Harlot (again) has done wonderful work setting up Knitter's Without Borders in support of Doctor's Without Borders. Glenna C has posted that she will donate 100% of profits from the sale of her patterns...well, just go see. It's a good thing that they're doing; help if you can.
I'll try to get back soon. Be well.

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Maria said...

Thanks for the photo of the mink yarn! I'm about half finished. Your photo is great motivation.

Why don't you join our Team Cardigan group on Ravelry for Ravelympics??? We're not restricting projects to just cardigans. I'm doing a Dale of Norway sweater for my husband. Just look up the Cardigan Girls group.