Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Let's Catch Up, Shall We?

First off here's a little something I like to call, "Spend a Day in My Shoes". This is what I managed to knit while watching 5 hours of 24. Really it's only 4 hours of knitting because I had to rip out after the first hour and start again. I'm likin' it!

I'm having a lot of fun on this knit-a-long on Ravelry. The comments and jokes from the other 24 fans are a riot!

Last Friday was a lovely sunny day here in Ontario and when you get a sunny day around here, you say good-bye to laundry and hello to road trip! My husband had to tie up a few loose ends up north and invited me to go along...laundry or yarn shop? Oh, yea!
Lynn at the Purple Sock in Coldwater has a quaint little shop. It has yarn, fibre and a myriad of teas! She offers sit and knit times, sit and spin times...and there's something else too, but I don't live close enough to keep track of everything there. I do like to support any and all yarn shops and brought home these little treasures.

I haven't tried knitting with wire yet, but hey, what's one more obsession among friends?

Saturday found the four of us joining a big group of friends in a day of Curling. None of us have ever curled before, but it sounded like a neat way to spend the day. Really, at this point in my life, if I haven't tried something (that's at least relatively legal) then I'm gonna give it a shot. I'm Canadian, I should give Curling a shot.
O.K. so I went, I tried, I fell on my bum. I got up again, tried again, fell on my chest. I got up again, walked into the lounge and knit. Now, that's a Canadian Sport that I'm good at!

Sunday found my son and I huddled in the basement most of the day.

His class was given an art assignment to crochet a hat. He tried. It was painful; not only to his fingers, but to anybody watching him! After much encouragement he finally asked the teacher if he could do something else? He wanted to design and make a drumstick bag. (Not a Man Purse, a Satchel. Indiana Jones has one.) He didn't like any of the fabric that I had on hand (aka stash) and his father suggested jeans. Three pairs of cut up jeans later (could've done it with two, but he didn't like the button on one pair) he produced this.

I let him run the machine (except for the really heavy seam sewing) and I made him draw, cut and sew by hand...this was his! I'm really pleased with how focused he remained while putting this together, and from what I hear, it was a hit! It folds over and buttons shut; so the back pocket is on the outside and the front pocket is on the inside. Neat, eh? (See? Canadian, eh?)

Hey! I finished something!

It's a lap quilt for my daughter (except for her it's like a whole body quilt and not just her lap); she LOVES it!! She is a sock monkey nut and when I saw this fabric at Evelyn's in Newmarket I knew I wanted to put something together. That was close to a year ago (or maybe even a little more) and for me?! That's freakin' amazing!! There's things I would've done differently, if I was so inclined, but two important things stick with me here.

1) I learned a few more things about quilting, for example, I like to use flannel(ette) for my backing, and apparently that could make my attempt at machine quilting more challenging.


2) IT'S DONE!!!

And since we were talking about WIP's at knitting last week...

I started sewing this quilt.

I cut out the pieces in 2006. I used only fabric that I had on hand. It's the Dreamcatcher Pattern from the quilt shop formerly named Jillybean's Pride in Oakville. I'm calling mine, "The Pink and Green Dream".
I should be knitting.....
Catch ya' later!


Connie said...

There is no end to your talents dear friend!

Jelse said...

It all looks great and fun, too. Love the lap quilt most of all! I keep imagining there is a storybook companion to it.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in knitting with wire, go to http://www.knitkitjewelry.com/knitting.asp for a little video and suggestions. They also have kits.

Lynn said...

It was nice to see you too.
thanks for the link to my blog.
and the information about my store!!