Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sock It To Me!!

A.K.A. Thursday Night is Cast Off Knitting Night!

My friend E is getting quite clever at coming up with some fun knitting related gems/play on words etc., among all the other clever things she does.
So, yes, last week it was decided that this week we would once again look at the wonder that is sock knitting. Our group has given it a shot a few times and those that like it, still do it; those that don't, well, not so much. Tonight, however a proposal has been put forth that anyone wishing to work on a sock can...bring in that UFO and have one of us tell you where you are exactly in the pattern, try again using 2 circular needles instead of the dreaded DPN's, determine what size needle will best suit your chosen yarn...and no sock yarn is not a valid excuse...we've got that covered too. Who said stash is just yarn taking up space? Oh wait, that would be like a thousand and a half (make that a bazillion and a half---there are a lot of knitters in this world) husbands out there.
We've even planned something for the seasoned sock knitters, and that is to learn how to do Three Needle Grafting. No more excuses for not knowing how to or not liking to graft; no more using the standard Three Needle Bind Off and leaving a seam inside your toe! (shudder) No, tonight we will all learn something new and wonderful! Yes, in my world learning a new way to finish off a sock is wonderful. I really am pretty easy to please.
But first, a wholesome and complete breakfast...
Do you like the hat thrown in for colour, texture and pure knitting content? How much do food stylists make?
I first heard about these Steel Cut oats, again from my knitting group, but was hesitant to try them, well, because it's oatmeal. Luckily, however I was able to spend some time with a dear friend of mine who had a batch on the stove and I decided to be a big girl and try it.
Now, I've kind of worked out my own system here. I make a full batch of the oatmeal (and I bought that kind because I liked the can---it's what I do) and a full batch of Bob's Red Mill Apple Grains. They require different cooking times; so I cook them separately and then combine them, put them in a container in the fridge and take out as much as I want when I want and reheat it in the microwave. Add a little brown sugar, milk (and blueberries for the photo shoot) and you've got a wonderfully 'feel good about yourself' kind of breakfast.

In preparation for tonight's workshop I've been committed to getting some knitting done. Here are not one, but two socks that will be ready for tonight's lesson. As you can see, I don't mind the dreaded DPN's.

Yea, so they don't match.

I can make another pair just like it later, and nooo, I'm not going to count how many socks I have on the go; nor am I going to count sock yarn stash.

Sock yarn stash....doesn't count; everybody knows that.

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Monika said...

I've never heard of a three needle grafting your socks shut, sounds interesting!
I like oatmeal cooked with berries, and nuts, ah, there are so many ways to eat that! :o)