Friday, April 8, 2011

And Two...

O.K. Let's try TWO pictures! Our first full day in Florida (yes, I'm back-dating a little) during March...I got to use my new camera and take an 'artsy-fartsy' flower shot. I embarrassed my daughter (that's what a mother's for) by getting into some weird position to capture it, but it had been a long time since I had seen a flower growing in it's natural habitat and I wanted to see how the floral setting on my camera did. Pretty good, don't you think? There will be more I promise you that! We did things kind of backwards on our first day (learning the ropes and all) and had our picture taken by the Disney photographer on our way out of the Park. We're wearing our "First Visit" buttons, proudly!
Animal Kingdom was the first official Park visit of our Disney Adventure. It was a wonderful introduction for what lay ahead for the rest of the holiday.

FYI: In knitting news...I'm knitting fast and trying to be extra creative in my attempts to finish my Blue Sky Alpaca Cotton Cardigan, because I won't have enough yarn to finish it the way that the pattern calls for. I hope it fits and that I like it when it's done; wouldn't that just suck, if after all that it was and "--eh--" when I put it on?

[I have just spent the last 1/2 hour, I guess, looking for a post that I'm sure I posted with a picture of the above mentioned cardigan in progress. I'm pretty sure I posted a picture, because I remember Wannietta commenting on the nice colour. I can't find the post. What I did find however, are a lot of pictures of wool and yarn and projects at various points of completion and that many, sadly, remain in various states of completion.]


thatdarncat said...

Oooh, very pretty. It's been so long since we've had flowers in the garden. Get a move on Spring!

Wannietta said...

Love your smile & hair!!

And now that Amanda's almost 14 I'm apparently a constant source of embarrassment!! I figure that just means that I'm doing my job right. LOL

transitknitter said...

Nice flower shot. I like the shadows showing through the petals.

I totally understand your support your LYS sentiment, however, a body only has so much room in her living space before other cohabitants start to grouse about said yarn spilling out into other areas of living space.

And really, let’s be honest here, you could be your own LYS....having said that I am probably a close second.

I will likely join thatdarncat in falling at the Frolic, it is as you say, over when you pull in the driveway. Enjoy.