Saturday, April 2, 2011

Where To Begin?!?

Let's begin with you imagining some lovely photos of my daughter and I at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. We must imagine them because in the last three times that I've tried to upload them to my blog they have disappeared. I'm not sure if it's because I'm working with a file with close to 600 photos in them or the fact that at some point in answering yes to a pop up about how to view photos and/or videos I'm in Quicktime and my Windows is not likely it. Does that make sense to any computer people out there? Speaking of Computer people and blogs and such. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear R., At the bottom of my blog entry you will read a little light coloured item that says (for example) 0 comments (it could read 1,2, or maybe even 3 comments, but let's, for argument's sake, say it says 0). Click on that item; you will be redirected to a small window with a box where you can write your comments. At the bottom of that screen you will be asked to preview or publish? Your call. I hope this helps and works and I look forward to hearing what you have to say. Love, Creativehands. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Yes, March came and went in a whirlwind of activity! I am taking this weekend to do as little as possible! There's always laundry; so laundry (somehow) doesn't count. Holidays and Dance Competitions are happy, fun and EXHAUSTING times. I've been knitting, but not finishing. I'm very conscious, right now, of just how much yarn and fabric I own, even after purging (somewhat) and buying considerably less than I have been known to. I was even recently in one of my favourite quilt shops and left EMPTY HANDED!! Yay me! Through circumstances beyond my control I will not be attending a number of yarn related celebrations, which usually lead to stash enhancement. (Although today, in my 'doing as little as possible' mode, I hope to get to Pick Up Sticks for their Yarn Tasting. I will do my best, however, to resist the temptation of new yarn.) It is difficult, as I'm sure most yarnies can attest to, because a yarn shop is a place that makes me happy. The people that sell yarn are some of the nicest people I know. If I want them to continue to be there for me they need my/our support; financial support. I have definitely done my fair share of support in the past, but is that enough? To look in my basement you would think yes, but can we know this for sure? I hope that during my self-imposed semi-hiatus from yarn shopping they understand and continue to grace us with all that is yarn and knitting related. O.K. crocheters too. Pretty wordy post huh? Disney was wonderful!! I can't wait to go back! The first dance competition went very well. My part-time job is turning into a bit more than what I signed on for; for awhile anyway. (And that's fine too!) The snow's gone so I can drive my Mini again!! Hehe!! Spring is giving us a taste of what's in store this weekend, with sun and 10C temperatures forecast. FINALLY!! YAY!! So maybe next time there will be photos. Hope so. Bye for now; enjoy your day by doing something that you love to do! **Edited to add: If the content of this post is jumbled in one long run-on sentence, I'm sorry. Again, I tried and the computer and/or blogger did what it wanted. **R. The bottom of the blog may read 0 Comments with Post a Comment underneath it (I've seen it both ways today--on my own blog--) click on Post a Comment if that's what you see. Love you!

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thatdarncat said...

Welcome back! Missed you, and your blog.

Good luck on your self-imposed yarn hiatus. We'll have to help each other stay strong. I may fall down at the Frolic.