Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Family Day!

Today is "Family Day".
I still think it's a silly "holiday". It's taken quite a few years for us to get the hang it and usually it just sneaks up on us as, "What?! There's no school on Monday?!"

Well this year the weather has finally co-operated with my ski-lovin' family and they've headed off to the ski hill for the day leaving my pets and I to enjoy lounging in the favourite sunbeam of choice and to work UNDISTURBED on a dance costume or two. :-)

And now, because blogs are more interesting with photos, here is a shot of our final night on our summer holiday (see post before last---HA!). We had enjoyed a really lovely meal at Rhubarb (and there's my link to keep things interesting) in Haliburton; I totally recommend it to anybody passing by.

Now, that's what a tan looks like! Not this wishy-washy Mexico one.


Connie said...

Don't forget our lunch date tomorrow. See you at 12.

irememberpasta said...

You have a beautiful family.