Friday, March 2, 2012

Here We Go Again!

Our Knit-a-long #3 (my pick) has been completed and only awaits our photo shoot. My hope its that we can take care of that next Tuesday.

In the mean time Transit Knitter has selected our next project.

Let the beading begin!

I'm not usually a fan of pre-stringing and prefer to add beads as I knit, but this time there was no other way. 693 beads from That Bead Lady in Newmarket was purchased to add a little drama to the MANOS del URUGUAY colour 115, that I had in my stash...Yes! Knitting from stash; it can be done!!

Here's a pro-tip for those just starting out adding their beads...693 beads is a lot to count in one shot; I strung 100, left a break in the yarn to indicate the 100 and repeated that 6 more times and then counted off the final 93. I also considered measuring 100 beads so that I could just string until I was at 13 1/2" of beads to speed up the process, but not all of the beads are the same width so any measurement would not be accurate and knitting is all about accuracy.

HA!! Got ya there didn't I? :-)


Creativehands said...

It's colourway 66; colour 115 was the Beret I made last year...that I can't find.
I knew that was bothering you.

Honeybunch1 said...

This colourway looks wonderful and I can't wait to see you in this red!!