Friday, May 4, 2012


 O.K. it' been so long since I've blogged (insert apologies here), blogger has launched a whole new format that I've just spent the last half hour or so playing with and....
One of my biggest complaints with blogger was that I couldn't load more than 5 pictures for each post and sometimes 5 just didn't cut it!  Today (once I figured out how to post even 2 pics) I kept choosing photos---higildy pigildy---until I was sure that, yes, I could post as many as I like!  Yay, Blogger!  Thanks!
So, first up.  I made a shawl...wait; I spun yarn and then I knit a shawl.  Yeah, that sounds better.
This project has been a long time in the making and I have posted on Ravelry about it.  I'm very pleased with the results and the intended recipient is my dear Mother-in-law, Jelena.  I'm hopeful that it will get to her soon.

Next, this past weekend I attended the 14th Annual Knitter's Frolic in Toronto.  This was of course after performing Dance Mom duty in the morning.  :-)  I wasn't able to take any classes this year, but I did manage to score a photo op with Franklin Habit.  Thanks TDC for the celeb-siting and subsequent photo (iPhone) taking.  I didn't want to to take up too much of his time; so after the photo I told him how much I enjoyed his work and left him to pose with the other stalkers  fans and when I turned to see how that was going...that's when I noticed the kilt.
Yarn fumes were extensive.

Here is the fruits of my Frolic labour.  Not too much at all and I'm quite pleased with all my purchases.  The Tanis was earmarked for our next KAL (#5 for all of you who are keeping score), but having seen the project, I may change to some yarn that I already own, ie. knit from stash.  Crazy!  I know.
I even won a prize; sock yarn from Estelle.  Thank-you Estelle!

Speaking of KAL's...
We completed KAL 3 and 4.  This is one of the photos for #4.  I don't think I showed you 3 yet, so tune in again folks!  I completed mine in record time over the March Break for no other reason than I was in Whistler and in need of a hat, and when knitters need hats; knitters knit hats.
We all enjoyed working with the beads and some have taken their bead knitting to the next level and have knit a scarf and (one ambitious knitter) some fingerless gloves!  All very lovely projects indeed.


So that covers a lot of what's been going on Knit-wise here at Creativehands Central, but as you know there's always something new to try.  My daughter is a dancer and this year was offered a solo; she is Amazing Mayzie from Seussical the Musical.  I made the costume (again, tune in again folks) and some props, because well....I'm a glutten for punishment. 

Here are the Bird Girls!  Well, our interpretation anyway.  :-)

 Made from plywood, I used a skill saw to create some interest in the shape, I've added a few feathers to give it a touch of realism (?), giant googly eyes for some pop, sketched, painted and shaded (with a little help from my friend) and am REALLY pleased with the results.  Transportation and set up is a bit challenging, but after 2 competitions all seems well.  Two more to go! 
The sign I made is peaking through---I'll show you that another day too.

Today, I took the time to sit down with a cup of tea using my Cast Off Christmas gift and blogged.  Hopefully others will get a chance to do something fun like that too; while I haven't been blogging...I sure have been following and miss my blog friends when they get too busy to blog too.

One last bit of housekeeping here.  Last night was Thursday night knitting and at least two of our Cast Offs weren't able to make it.  Apparently they have "other" friends.  (I'm trying to learn to share.)  Anyway, we also had quite a few birthdays to celebrate over the past couple of weeks so I made cupcakes to take along last night.  Have a look at the paper cups...balls of yarn!  P and E?  You were missed.  The cupcakes were good.

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thatdarncat said...

Sorry I missed the cupcakes. They look fabulous. Love the paper liners.

Your shawl turned out beautifully.