Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Fun Never Stops!

 I wanted to check in and tell you about the fun we had here after dinner last night, but because it was so much fun I forgot to take pictures and have inserted some yarn eye candy instead.

First, here are our hats again, but in a better 'Artsy Fartsy' kind of angled shot.  The focus was beads.

Speaking of beads a few weeks ago I met some friends in Oakville for lunch. 
I found Knit One Bead Too and had a peak.  I came home with this HABU Silk and Silk Stainless and of course some pretty matching beads.

So my daughter and I are heading to another Dance Competition this weekend and yesterday I was busy making some stuff to take with us and to leave for the guys.  Last competition (o.k. this is going to be a longer story than I thought!) we visited the Hershey's store while in Niagara Falls...
(Hey! I actually have a photo---wait here, I'm going to try to insert it)  IT WORKED AND IN THE APPROPRIATE SPOT!!  COOL!!  Anyway, we went to the store and I bought a little something for everybody...I got baking cocoa.  Woot, woot. 
There's a recipe on the container for brownies and as you may recall I do enjoy brownies (see birthday post); I made them, my daughter loved them and so I thought I would make them for the trip.  Now, when I was growing up one of my mom's tips was to make the recipes on the packages of things.  She said, "They're usually pretty good and they want you to think that it's their ingredient that makes it, but you can substitute and use whatever you have."  I was passing this info along to my daughter and to prove it I thought, well why don't I bake two batches of brownies, one with the Hershey's and one with Fry's?  And then, I don't know what happened here---chocolate fumes mixed with the ever present yarn fumes perhaps, but I thought if we're going to have a taste test we should include the recipe that I've been making my whole adult life to prove that it indeed is the superior brownie recipe!
So, 3 batches of brownies later, I had a taste testing planned for dessert!  Each brownie was marked with a different coloured toothpick and I tucked the master list away; so that I didn't even know which was which (except for the old standby) when it came time to rate them.  I put together score cards  and asked everybody to give their honest opinion.  I did have to remind them that just because one was bigger than the rest it didn't mean that that one was better.
Well, knock me over and call me Susan, (that's funnier when a man says it) my son was the only one who liked the old standby best.  Even I had been won over by the new guy in town!  But, it was not a landslide, by any means!  My daughter liked the new recipe using Hershey's Cocoa; my husband and I?  We liked the new recipe, but with Fry's! 
Now that that's been settled...I think we're good for Brownies for awhile.

I wasn't especially thrilled with the sock shot that I left you with last time; so here's another one.  There's a lot of prep required prior to a sock shot.  Just Sayin'
Wish us luck!  I'll try to check back soon.

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