Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's Sad, Really.

This is today's story...I had to go into work this morning to make a's what I do; when I finished I headed over to the local Coffee shop...let's call it "MoonDoe".  (think about it) 
I ordered a Grande Green Tea Latte...with half of one pump of syrup.  I also ordered a slice of Lemon Raspberry Loaf.  I paid and was given...some kind of took me 3 times to explain and finally pointed to what I wanted, but I did eventually get the Lemon Raspberry Loaf.  (should've stuck with the Lemon Poppyseed)
I then went down to wait for my tea and was given a drink with one and a half pumps of syrup.  I said I only wanted half of one pump. 
He made me another drink.


I spoke up, I didn't just accept it, I didn't not say anything so that nobody felt bad, I actually made sure that I got just what I wanted!! 
It's sad really, but who knew that it was o.k. to choose what you want, pay for it and then make sure to get it?!  Huh!
I must be getting old.

As promised:

KAL #3 Sock Shot.


Wannietta said...

It's not about age; it's about having the same expectations of others as I do of myself and I set that bar pretty high! And I don't make babies ;)
Good on ya - customer service has taken a widespread dive lately and customers shouldn't have to take it and pay for the privilege.

thatdarncat said...

Yay for you! If you don't speak up, how can they improve their service? It's the right thing to do.