Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I tried 'a' photo and no luck. It wasn't anything especially exciting, just some gorgeous yarn and my coffe cup; and the story of how this is a way for me to relax on a Sunday morning when the children are too loud!~~~well for me anyway. And luckily I have a place to go hide; wind some wool, sip some coffee and dream.
I was all set to call my internet provider and hopefully get them to walk me through whatever is going on with this @#%&^^%# thing...but the number is at the office...yup, just looked in my address book; no number here. :o(
I really do have a lot of neat pictures to post....SOMEDAY...
But right now I have to get back to my Christmas knitting and just for fun I told my daughter that I would knit her bear a 'blankie' for tomorrow's 'PJ and Bear Day' at school. She found a bunch of her old baby clothes, dressed up her bear, made it a lunch and so I think a blankie is just what is needed to complete the ensemble. And it's going to impress the heck out of her for me to actually get it done before tomorrow, and here's my plan...big needles + a few stitches = a little blankie! Tada.
I'll try to get the number tomorrow or call the Geek Squad or something and get some pictures up here.
Bye for now.

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KreativeMix said...

can't wait to see pics :-)