Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's Simple When You Know How...

Well hello again, yarn and fabric fans! We're back and I have some catching up to do!

First, the picture beside us here is of the lovely yarn I was talking about yesterday that I wound to get some quiet time on a Sunday morning. It's called Monarch and it will be socks someday; on Sunday I just needed to wind something soothing.

Second, I called my internet provider, (and now have the number written down at home as well as at the office) and really, the hardest part about fixing the aforementioned problem was describing it to someone who knows a whole lot about computers. Turns out, for some reason the computer thought there was a Broadband option and went looking for it...O.K...right click, delete and BAM we're back in business! It really is cool once someone tells you what to do. :o)

Next, I visited a blog~~~ Girl Gone ThreadWild~~~and she challenged people to post their 'mess'.
Well, I did have a picture here and a nice long explanation about being able to find stuff, and expressed concern about ruining Christmas Surprises, etc. But, while self disappeared and I don't seem to be able to find an 'undo' button and then there's the 'autosave' feature; so I'm thinkin' that it's not meant for me to show you a picture of my 'mess' just now, but you'll just have to trust me that there is a mess and that I have a wonderful system; hide it plain site and nobody would know the difference! It's a system that works for me.

O.K. now we'll go to the quilts that I completed for my dear friend. The first one is a lap quilt using 'Cats on Parade' fabric line in the Sawtooth Star pattern and I call it "I Love You Too". I gave her bits of the fabric 3 or 4 years ago and told her to wait and see what it turns into. This is something that we often do in our family; especially at Christmas when there just never seems to be enough time to finish all the projects that we (mom and I) want to do. Does anybody else out there have this kind of tradition...please tell me I'm not the only one!
I backed the quilt using a complementary flannelette. It's a lap quilt and I like to keep it cozy. I tried a couple of shots to catch the quilting, but no luck, but there's a star pattern to coordinate with the Sawtooth Star. I would've liked to hand quilt this quilt and the next one, but time wasn't on my side (this time).


Now, while I was 'organizing'
my space (see photo above and note referring to 'mess') I cam across a kit that I had bought a couple of years ago and thought when I whipped that together it would do well to accompany the lap quilt! I was able to do it. It was a lot of fun and now there's a wall hanging that all the fine women that visit my friend's home can appreciate!

So, last, but not least...yes, I actually do some knitting too! I was hoping that these socks would be for me, but after 4 attempts (which seems to be the magic number for me starting socks) I was NOT going to rip it out when I finally completed one, but it was too small. I would just have to wait until someone presented themselves that would need some socks.
Well someone has, but they don't know it yet and they won't be checking here either; so it's safe to show you some of my progress. See? Pretty and soft socks; hopefully I will finish them and show you how it all turns out.

I have more stuff to show you and now I CAN~~~another day. :o)

And now before I loose anymore pictures I will post. Thank-you

As far a yesterday and the blankie? I did it, worked on a stitch out of my head that I'm quite pleased with AND whipped up a pair of PJ bottoms for my son to wear out of Flannelette Snowboarders...all while watching Cane! I loooove Jimmy Smits.

Off to see Dirty Dancing tomorrow night with the Red Hot Mamas.

You know what? Life is Good.

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transitknitter said...

Wonderful Work. Pictures are great. Know why you have been "very busy". Remember the magic mantra for being busy - pace yourself!