Friday, March 21, 2008

And We're Back!

Here I am saying good-bye to a beautiful ski hill/mountain!

Our first (well, the kids and I) time skiing out west; wonderful conditions!

We went to Big White near Kelowna, B.C. and got a little taste of Australia while we were there! Gooday Mate!
I didn't do a lot of skiing; as my daughter put it, I "only go out on the pretty days," but I did get some knitting done!

When last we saw this piece, it was only the underlay (note: no chocolate stains!) and now?'s a back! I'll have more to show you around this another day.

My girlfriend (who doesn't ski) and I also took a shopping day to go into Kelowna to see what it's all about.

B E A U T I F U L!!!!

We left a winter wonderland and descended into spring!! We could walk without hunching our shoulders, we were totally overdressed with our winter/ski jackets! People were driving motorcycles, convertibles with the top down, riding bikes and walking at a normal pace!!

People were smiling and people were friendly! It wasn't a very built up city and I think/hope that it's on purpose, because the scenery surrounding the town was breathtaking!

Now, in preparation for this trip, I of course, googled any knitting and quilting shops in the area. I was not disappointed!

Our first stop was Pandosy Street where I found Art of Yarn
They had a wonderful selection of yarns from all over the world and some neat accessories too.

Keeping in mind the whole packing issue (not to mention the existing stash issue) I went with one discounted ball of something fabulous and funky, some handcrafted knitting propaganda and a little something that I can't disclose, because I'm thinking some more may find their way to my knitting friends come Christmas time.

Don't you hate people like that? Planning Christmas stuff already?
S and I split up after lunch and I made my way up to Kelowna Yarn and Needlecrafts; the cab driver was sweet and waited to make sure that it was open :o)

The shop had an older feel to it and some lovely Crosstitch supplies, but I settled on this gem. Cotton, Cashmere and Hemp! How cool is that?

I was just going to tell you how I like to buy local yarns when I'm in different places and I have this vision of stashing yarn from all over the world in my home...and when I bought this I read Lanaknit Designs, Nelson B.C.

I just now read, Made in Italy.

I don't know, I had some Fleece Artist in my hands and left it there thinking, I'll go down east to pick some of that up (change of plans; not happening this year), so this still counts as B.C. yarn!
I've got a design sketched out too, because I didn't have a pattern in mind when I bought it (yea, like you never do that!) and they didn't have enough of one I bought blue and green!

One of the nice things about both shops was 1) how friendly and helpful the staff was...(can't get enough of that!) and 2) both shops were holding learn to knit classes and it just felt goood. One student even uttered some grown up words of frustration and I was able to use one of the Harlot's lines, "language unbecoming a knitter!" The lady, without a beat, responded, "yea, like you've never said that." I said, "Yea I have and usually the yarn is flying across the room at that point too!" She smiled, "well, I haven't done that!"

You will.

So, we're back at home; sorry for the delay in getting back on line, but honestly I need a holiday after my holiday...and the older I get the more recovery time I need.

It's sad; even the sheep are getting buried in yarn!

Happy Good Friday and enjoy the SUNSHINE!!!!

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