Wednesday, March 26, 2008

LIFE; Any guesses?!

While this may come as a surprise, I think about blogging everyday. I take pictures in advance with the intention of blogging. I set up for photo ops and I run through witty banter in my mind in anticipation of blogging; then, as my book mark and John Lennon (apparently) says, "LIFE is what happens while you are making other plans."

Here is my HAPPY EASTER shot, from Wine, Wool and Whoppers!

They're Whopper Eggs and yummy!!

This is how I dealt with some 'not so good news' last week; broke out the pink ribbon quarters and hit the dark chocolate M & M's in the pink gumball machine. Later on in the evening I just took the top off the thing and dove in. Sigh.
This is what the kids and dog and I, did on Easter Monday; yes, Easter; not Christmas!! Will the snow ever stop? Will spring ever come?
Funny you should ask. Tuesday (when the kids finally went back to school!) I saw this. I did zoom for the shot, but it's a fun, user friendly camera; not a high tech job. It's a Robin. A Robin, the bird that comes back in Spring? A Robin, that only a few hours later was shielding itself (at least I hope so) from snowfall number...oh, I don't thousand and four! Anyway, we had Easter and I saw a Robin; it must be spring somewhere!

Now, onto more pressing matters at hand.

The Yarn Harlot is holding her (fifth) book launch in Toronto on April 1st. I noted the date some time ago and as she gave more details lately I began forming a plan of how I might attend. It is very exciting to have the initial book launch here in Canada; never mind so close to home! Anyway, she had eluded to some kind of tomfoolery prior to the actual signing event and I had thought, "Oh, I won't be doing anything like that," (not knowing what 'that' was-- it's my nature) "I'll just show up for the launch and hopefully some of my knitters will be able to come along too." Then she posted just what was involved in the aforementioned tomfoolery...

I AM SO IN!!!!

It's a scavenger hunt in Toronto using a camera and a sock in progress! So now, after overcoming my initial hesitation ( remember: BE FEARLESS IN KNITTING! ) I am faced with the ever present decision of...

Which yarn do I choose for the occasion?

Should I use the part of the stash with the most seniority? The one that, every time I look at my sock drawer, I think, "That yarn will make some great socks!"? The most sentimental one? The most spring like? Or the one with the cutest name? Should I dig deeper in the stash to find even more choices? Please, don't suggest I pick a name out of hat--- the decision is just too important to leave up to chance; besides, I think I really have already chosen...any guesses?

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