Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fine Day for a Frolic!

Let us frolic through...the violets?
Although, beautiful, no; today was the day to Frolic with KNITTERS!!!

From far and wide knitters assembled at the 11th annual Downtown Knit Collective Knitters Frolic at the Japanese Cultural Centre in North York. There were over 60 vendors (and yes, I visited each one of them)! The place was ALIVE with the electricity of knitters exposed to such a concentrated amount of yarn fumes!!

I experienced the same feeling last year; that is why I made it a mission to attend this years frolic and to take part in a course that was offered. I met Debby New.


Her brain is just not wired the same as us mere mortals, but I'm thankful that she is kind enough to try to communicate just what it is that rumbles around in there to the common folk. Her work is stunning; my head actually hurt trying to grasp the concept she shared with us. It was the Ouroborus Jacket (which I learned means the complete circle that is formed when the snake or dragon bites its own tail---so there; learn something new everyday!); I really enjoyed the idea and look forward to notes to clarify some of the issues (and maybe a chance to purchase the book; they sold out at the frolic as we each slipped out of the class to try to buy one---I didn't find it in time), but I'm not sure that I will actually ever undertake such an endeavor. The allure of no seaming is tempting, but creating a piece that at some point requires the knitter to change to 4 or maybe even 5 EXTREMELY LONG circular needles just to be able to complete one row, isn't calling to me right now.

I chose that course because it sounded like it would offer a bit of a challenge; oh yea, it did that all right! I also chose it because then I was able to meet Debby New and pick up on her idea before I see her again at Camp Stitches in New York at the end of June!!! That would also allow me to experience another aspect of knitting at camp and not miss the above mentioned jacket. What will I be learning at camp? You may ask. (humour me, I'm still flying high after today's excitement!)

Beads. Beads and Knitting. I've dabbled a little and I know that I'm heading down a slippery slope as far as bead stash enhancement dangers loom, but....oh well; it sounded like fun!

And then I found this at the Frolic!

This puppy makes it dead easy to string the beads onto the yarn you want to work with; I'm very excited! So is my friend KGB who was quick on my heels to pick one up for herself! ;o)

O.K. so I get some beads and a cool thing to string them; then I walk to the back of the room and I see this:

Now, please, if that wasn't made for me; I don't know what was. Lovely and talented lady there; we had a nice chat.

I want to take this opportunity to point out that I haven't bought any yarn. I needed to gather some supplies to bring to the course and was reminded (once again) of the extent of my stash.


So I went with the intent of not buying any---oh, who am I kidding---of trying not to buy too much yarn and to remember all the gorgeous stuff I have waiting for me at home. And then, beside the apron lady was this:

PLEASE!! A lady bug pillow kit?! I love it; had to have it. We are inundated with lady bugs in the spring; freakishly so. I used to think they were cute until we moved to this house and now? We've all had our fill of lady bugs; especially my son, who accidentally drank one (well he didn't really drink it, but it was on the side of his glass and he put it in his mouth) and well, it was REALLY funny! He wasn't impressed and I tried to be supportive, but sometimes stuff happens to your kids and it's funny. We tease him about it now, and he's a good sport about it (most of the time) so I think he needs this pillow. Yea, he'll love that. :o)

So, on I go (I'm only in the first room!) and come upon the booth of one of my LYS, Unwind. And there? There I find one of my dreams come true. I thought (when I was planning on not buying yarn), that I can go to the store anytime, I know what's there and I'll just stop and say 'hi'. I did more than say hi. I said,

"I'll take it!" It's a spinning wheel (bet ya figured that one out already) and it's called "The Ladybug". I tell you there's no getting away from them!
I'm so excited! I'll let you know about everything else soon, but now? I'm takin' my new bug out for a spin!! Yeeehaaa!

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kgbknits said...

It was a FINE day indeed!! Congratulations on your purchases. I'll look forward to seeing your first hand-spun from Ladybug.