Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Have you heard?

Blogging is bad for your health?!
I rarely see the news and get snippits of what's happening in the world around us by listening to the radio while taxiing the family. (Sometimes I feel guilty about not being up on current events, watch the news, get depressed and then turn it off again)
Yesterday, while on a road trip to Vaughn Mills with my children, I heard that blogging, or rather, the stress of trying to come up with something new to blog about, has been attributed to 3 deaths (heart attacks) in the U.S.
In the spirit of a more stress free lifestyle, I bring you...

Last Tuesday! The sock at the Toronto City Hall and a sculpture too---2 points!
The sock with a Tims.
Freestyle! The sock with a 'Mr. Washee'; Harlot fans know how much she loves Mr. Washee.

The sock with one of Toronto's Finest---only 1 point (he wasn't on a horse!), but he was directing traffic!

Souvenirs of the day! A TTC day pass, a receipt from the Foxes Den, an autographed copy of the book, and the sock!

I'm still working on the sock, but I don't think that you'll see it again until it has been given to its intended recipient.

Happy spring everybody. (I killed a mosquito yesterday)

Remember this isn't rocket science people, it's life and it's beautiful....BREATHE!!!

1 comment:

Cotton Picker said...

Haha, you got a cop to pose with your sock?

Don't apologize for not listening to the news. I don't either. Life is tough enough without having to tune into your local evening newscast to further bring you down and depress you. There is nothing about it that is uplifting.

If something really big or important happens, you'll hear about it anyway.