Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I know, I know

It's been too long; I know.

I think of things to post and think about pictures and....


I'm afraid there's quite a bit of whining (hahaha---whining...Wine, Wool and Whoppers---hahaha) on this blog about being busy and yet I have trouble explaining what I do. Actually I have trouble accomplishing anything while being extremely busy and a lot of it is my own doing. You know, on my way somewhere, and well, I'll just slip in here and then....boom!! Half an hour late for the next thing.

Today for example someone asked me for a little bit of help with her knitting; I am never one to abandon a knitting request (on the rare occasion there may be a postponement, but those incidents are few and far between), which led to another request, which required a bit of hands-on coaching, followed by yet another finishing request. I just love to share the magic of finishing a seam, well, seamlessly (hehehehe). That wonderful bit of knit sharing? = one hour, and I'm off and running again; this time however instead of squeezing something in before the next appointment, I decided to head to the office early (it's all relative; I actually got there on time) and see if I can't finish earlier! It worked! I'm not taking credit for it though, the stars were all in alignment, that's all.

So what have I been doing? Kid stuff---watching (my niece has a wonderful singing voice) and participating (my daughter's class did some baking to practise using measurements). Doctor's appointments. (yea well, just keep your head up and move on.)

The most fun I've had in the past while though was...

(drum roll please)

I was in a Fashion Show!!!

It was a fund raiser for Doane House Hospice, in Newmarket. I go there for a yoga class and a relaxation/visualization group under the Wellspring umbrella. I heard about last years fashion show, but wasn't able to attend; this year I decided to help out.......and to go out and have some fun modelling. OMG IT WAS FUN!!!
I got to wear some beautiful and fancy clothes. I had way too much make-up applied by someone who knew what they were doing (it was FABULOUS!!), I got to hang out with some real models; to see what it's like, I was escorted (for one of my outfits---I got to show 6) by a drop dead gorgeous hunk of a man!!! 'No words were shared, but I still think that we bonded; there was a connection!!' (hahaha---that one is for the benefit of my friends who were there and saw just how out of my league I was!)
I thoroughly enjoyed the prep work for this event as well. People are so kind and giving; if only I'm brave enough to ask. It was easier to ask for help for this event, because I wasn't just asking for me. I am feeling strong and able to go out and play. I asked, so that we could help the people that aren't able to get out and play, right now. I'm not sure how well we did for fundraising yet, but it was a sell out crowd and QUITE THE PARTY!!!
I wasn't especially nervous before the show (just with the first walk out); as I said to my friend J, who also volunteered at the event , "I'm alive; I've got hair, let's do it!" My daughter thought that was a great quote (she's 8, so I can still be funny sometimes). I had also said to J, a couple of years ago, "You know what? Life's short. Jump in!" She likes to remind me of that from time to time, and I thank her for that.
Sometimes when we're busy running from place to place and squeezing in yet one more errand we can forget; so yea, I know, I know, it's been a long time, but remember...
Don't sweat the small stuff. And it's ALL small stuff. So Jump in!!

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