Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Does anyone know....

Where I can find the next 'Yarnaholics' meeting?

The Yarn Harlot posted a little something about her stash the other day. I've talked about my stash and a few, 'near and dear' to me people have actually seen the stash, but generally it's one of those guilty pleasures that I hide in my basement/studio.
I enjoy playing with it, admire it, laugh with it (anybody else?), but at times am earth shatteringly overwhelmed by it. There is more there than I could ever possibly work with in one life time.

I'm not done yet either. There's more stash stored throughout (cough-the house-cough) and I see no (very little) reason to stop my stash enhancement. There will always be new and improved, innovative and never to be seen again yarn that needs a loving home. I also, however, am a little more discerning in my yarn purchases----yes, I am!!!! I think very carefully before purchasing a significant amount of yarn. Sock yarn? One skein? Not so much, but still a little! I mean, we have to do our part to keep the economy strong don't we? I too, want to start everything as soon as I get home (if not before), but then the afterglow of S.E.X. (Stash Enhancement Excursion---please people, keep with the program; it's a wool blog!) is abruptly interrupted by the reality that is home, and my new little friend, the latest treasure, must be set aside with the other beauties that have found their way to me.

So there you have it (or part of it anyway). My Stash.

Someday, it might be more organized.

Someday, it might be all knitted up!

Someday, somebody may inherit it; or worse...someday, my husband may throw it all out! That won't happen while I'm still here though, but I'll haunt him if he tries it...HAUNT HIM!!!!

You just don't mess with some one's stash; Yarnaholic or not, you don't mess with it; it's a rule!!

[N.B. did you know that when you do a spell check for Yarnaholic that there is "no suggestion"?! Talk about 'inexplicable'!]


kgbknits said...

Aw c'mon. 2 little pictures? That doesn't look so bad!

Jojo said...

It looks organized and well loved!
Don't think you are ready for a 12 step program yet.

Jojo said...

It looks organized and well loved!
Don't think you are ready for a 12 step program yet.