Friday, May 16, 2008

Me Too!

I've been harassing Connie over at Pick Up Sticks about her absence on the blog front and she nicely posted a reply! Glad to see you're o.k. Connie. Just remember to breathe and know that God doesn't give you more than you can handle. (There are a couple of footnotes I've heard to follow that one..."Don't you wish he didn't think that you could handle so much?" and my aunt, who's been facing a few trials of late, says, "God, I think we should have a talk!")
Your grandma sounds like a neat lady and yes, we've been lucky to have our grandparents for so long and to have a close relationship like that will bring you comfort for years to come. (By the way, I wasn't able to post a comment on your blog; so.....consider this a comment.)

So while I've been bugging Connie, my knitting buddies have given a few gentle reminders. :o)
Same old; been busy, and it all catches up sometimes! I didn't make it out to the Yarn Crawl this year!!!!!! Horror of Horrors!!!! As you can see from Connie's post the day was a perfectly fabulous day for a tour, but it was also a perfectly wonderful day to stay close to home and have the family work on a spring clean up to better appreciate such beauties as these:

Yes, I'm still knitting.

HAHAHAHAHA (silly question!)

I've completed the socks that I was working on for Inexplicable Knitting Behaviour Day, but haven't presented them yet; so the picture will have to wait. (teaser)

I'm working on another pair that I started 2 years ago. Yea, I know. Anyway, I'm enjoying it with this attempt and hopefully will complete sock #2 as well!

I signed up for SOS '08 at the last minute! I'm not about getting as many socks done as possible (PLEASE!! Have you been reading this blog?), but I am looking forward to posting some sock on vacation pics! I'm planning for my first vacation shot to take place on June 26th, when school is let out and I am on my way to Camp Stitches! That's the way to start a summer vacation!

'The Creative Plan' is still on my mind, but opportunities keep presenting themselves that alter/add to, the 'plan'. Keeping with the 'creative' thread however, I've entered a letter writing contest. I'm working on some sock designs to enter in a contest. Once again, I hope to submit some quilt squares in the Northcott Quest for the Cure Quilt Block Challenge. Two years ago, I 'over indulged' in the whole fabric line of the year while hoping to send in some blocks and have some left over for myself (over indulged = couldn't make up my mind; so I bought one of each!); well, life took a different direction after that and maybe this is the year that it'll happen. It just wasn't meant to be then; that's all. This time, I purchased the charm pack and have worked out some designs using them and will go purchase only more of the fabrics that I actually intend to use!
(Note to EVERYONE: I intend to use everything I own; it just doesn't always work out that way)

"Life is what happens while you are making other plans"

Today's plans include:
Training Chloe for the new invisible fence. X2
Going to school to see some Track and Field events.
Lunch date to bring closure to this years Fashion Show event.
Check out the Antique store near the restaurant we're having lunch at. :o)
Kids to UCM after school to get a 'cool' shirt to wear to the dance tonight and some gift cards for birthday gifts.
Dinner. sigh
Stay up to be able to pick kids up from dance tonight (10 pm) between Antique Mall and Kids to Mall, I'll need a nap.

Things I had hoped to also have in that plan:
Dress shop.
Yarn shop.
Knitting time.
Reading time.
Purusing Ravelry time.
And, __________________ (that's just one big BLANK time!)

Tomorrow may actually be a somewhat quieter day (here's hoping!)

So...been busy? Me too!

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