Friday, May 30, 2008

You know the one...

First off, I just want to clear up that I meant NO disrespect for any of my LYS's Pick Up Sticks in Bradford, Unwind in Newmarket and the occasional stop at Serenity Knits in Aurora...I'm so lucky to have so many yarn shops so close; it just makes me giddy! I was a bit concerned all night that by advertising someplace else that I'd be 'dissing' them; NO. Actually I've never been to that store (the one with the cool billboard) and I just thought the picture of yarn was neat (on the cool billboard) and what a lovely, cheerful and unique kind of picture to post (of the cool billboard) on my blog. So, you guys at Pick Up Sticks, Unwind and Serenity Knits are still my 'peeps', but dudes.....
you need A COOL BILLBOARD!!!!

Alrighty then, that gets that worry out of the way. Now, I'm wondering if I'm loosing my mind.

I woke up screaming, well, yelling. Yup, woke myself up from a dead sleep and I know it was a dead sleep because of the nightmare that I was having. You know the one where you're walking in a dimly lit parking lot off a side street and can't find your vehicle, and then you remember that your husband left in it and that you have no vehicle, and then you go up to another vehicle where you sort of know the two women in it, but don't want to bother them and so you don't ask for a ride.

Are you with me so far?

Next you decide that you should probably get to the main street where the lighting is better and you're rattling something in your hands (can't remember now what it was, I could've told you this morning....isn't it funny how quickly you forget such vivid details of a dream?) and then you here a voice coming from one of the dark corners of the parking lot, and he says "and that'll be for me, and then I'll have some of that..." and you can't move fast enough to get to the street and you realize that screaming isn't going to do anything to scare him away...and so you quickly turn, get a glimpse of his round, sneering face (I actually do remember the face pretty well) with the evil glint in his eyes and you reach deep within your soul for the strength and fortitude to......
Growl and snarl like a crazy animal to scare him enough that you have time to get away; except what happens is....
you wake up making that guttural noice and because it's still early morning wonder how many people in the house heard this strange noice coming from your bedroom?

You know that one?

Later on in the day I spent an enjoyable few hours playing in my stash (see stash photo #1 in earlier post; that's where most of my efforts were directed today) and organizing patterns in my filing cabinet. I had a very enjoyable time even if the wonderful Library Filing Cabinet doesn't hold letter size file folders. Surely 'retro' file folders won't be too hard to find. And just because the 8"x11" size of most of my patterns doesn't easily store into the Library Files of yesteryear doesn't mean that I will forever live with piles of patterns everywhere. NO!!
There will be order to my patterns, THERE WILL, I SAY, THERE WILL!!!!

Feelin' the drama today?!

I also had myself a little lay down (on the recently pattern cleared bed in my studio) but was again disturbed from my rest (for an evening out with the Red Hot Mamas) by 1) the daily afternoon phone call from Lord knows who; trying to sell Lord knows what and 2) a vision of the bad guy (of this mornings adventure) walking toward me; only this time it was only his legs wearing jeans that I saw. I mean, the rest of him was there, but it was all in shadowy darkness and he was in the house this time...

ewww (shiver) yuck...

Yea, so, I didn't knit. Meant to. Didn't.
Felt pretty good all day...until the demon visions... Anybody have some interpretations?
The rain has begun and will likely be here most of the weekend; maybe then I'll knit! (don't know how much I'll want to try to sleep...)

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