Monday, May 26, 2008

A little bit of everything

O.K. an incredibly busy couple of weeks down and this week looking (dare I say it) relatively quiet before the on slot of next week!
Aww spring!



this shot taken for inspiration in the Tulip Time Quest For A Cure Quilt Block many ideas; so little time!!!

Dance recitals and all the other 'end of year' activities and birthdays, that are absolutely extra special important and will never happen again; a must or life as we know it may cease to exist!

Or we can knit? Anybody?'s one of my dilemmas.

The pattern doesn't line up at the shoulder. Well, it's obvious to me. It's also a fair amount of work to fix it and I'm not sure I know where the problem is and I now remember that I was going to check on Ravelry to see if anyone else has had a similar problem (maybe later). There's also some karma associated with this cardi; one evening last spring (I believe) my husband and I 'exchanged words' and I found comfort in my studio and set to knit this wonderfully soft sweater. The needles flew and I knit my way through one ball in one sitting; with no obvious errors--yea me---until I attached it to the front---boo me. Where's the screw up? The back, with the frenzied, 'I'll knit this and that'll show you' type knitting or the, 'isn't this lovely and soft and it will feel so good to wear this' kind of knitting? And what to do next? (the put it away and deal with it later step has been given the respect it deserves over the last year) I have considered the 'Please, who's gonna notice?' option. The back, really does look centred, and the front is smaller and therefore easier to do over and the brain storm that I'm having right now is to do the other front to see if it was me or the pattern? And if it's the pattern; then what? Live with a mismatched shoulder? Rip out two fronts? A back? Oooohhhhh, the stress?! Any words of advice? What would you do?

An update for my knitters...I ripped out the sock and started over on bigger needles.

My first toe up sock and I am loving the whole cast on for toe up! Judy's Magic Cast-on for toe-up socks (found at I was about half way on the first sock, but decided, a) I wasn't feeling confident about the sizing for the recipient and b) I was missing my Addis!! The smooth join just cannot be beat when sliding stitches so often!!! Today promises quite a bit of knitting time; so hopefully I'll at least get back to where I was; soon!

Some randomness here.

Cotton Picker!---need something new to see on your blog!

Mom!---You're tough! Come on Mom, You can do it; Give a little wiggle to it! GOOOO MOM! (mom needs some positive energy today people---send the love!)

The Harlot has a 'stashers' dream post and I hope to follow up on that topic soon! (I have photos!)

Crazy Aunt Purl has the cutest pictures on her post too...go see!

Chris---the wheel is plastic! (I've been meaning to write that one for weeks now!) I was also thinking of you this past week as I snuck into the Anitque Market and found this treasure! :o)

It's a little rough around the edges (and really, who isn't?), but it's on Oak filing cabinet and the plate on it says: Library Bureau of Canada Ltd. The drawers work fine; there's been some water damage to the base of it, but I think that it is perfect next to my Grandmother's Library desk where I post and research and dream! My husband (not a fan of Antiques) says, "what are you going to put in it?"

Patterns of course! Lots and lots of patterns, and then everything will be better!

Yea, right!

Have a good day everybody;I'm off to the city...try to stay dry!

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kgbknits said...

Yummy cat pics and knitting at

Koko is adorable.

Too bad you started the sock over again...I'd like to see the toe up method. Maybe with the 2nd sock??