Monday, June 2, 2008

Only 24 More Sleeps

Hello again. Well I survived the weekend, didn't get wet and didn't have anymore horror visions. Thanks for asking.

I had a footnote to my last post, but decided to wait until today to post it and make this blog a little more interactive and fun!

I was inspired by a few knitters (some I know personally and some only through cyber space) to:

1) see how many of you are lurkers and not so much commenters.

2) further explore and share my creativity

3) Declutter :o)

Once again I refer you to the Yarn Harlot where at the close of her post (on a subject very near and dear to all of our hearts....yarn selection...I just get giddy thinking about it!) she is inundated with opinions. 1354 comments!!!

I get excited if I get 3.

Now, I'm no Yarn Harlot (in a writer level of achievement sort of way---totally can give her a run for her money is the Yarn department though!), but I've had a couple of unknowns (is that the proper way to address new commenters on your blog?) and have left comments myself here and there and am wondering just how many lurkers I may have?

Another blog where I've enjoyed the almost daily posts and pictures (Lucy is a beautiful cat!), encouraged us to try our hand at poetry; not just any poetry, Haiku Poetry!

Wendy Knits

Oh that was fun! I spent most of the evening and part of my night (and I wonder why I have nightmares) creating my entry into her contest. Since I didn't make the first cut, I thought I would share it with you now.


Summer Haiku

Long days of summer

More time to knit socks and mice;

Cats wait patiently.

I was pretty pleased with myself, but I must admit there's one or two that did make the cut that are going to get my vote!

Now, an update:

To all Cast Offs....I found my "Knitting on the Edge" book (right where I left it in the last place I looked!) hehehehe

******Most important update!!******

24 more sleeps until Knitting Camp!!!!

So here's my footnote. Last Friday I got a phone call from one of the gals at Camp Stitches (sorry I didn't get her name, because...) and my first thought was, "Oh NO! It's cancelled!" See how I'm always expecting the best in things? Anyway, not quite cancelled, but the class that I had signed up for was. Just "Bead" It!! Cancelled.

The nice young girl on the other end of the phone asked if there was another class that I would like to choose?

Here are my choices (as listed on the brochure).

1) Design Socks like a Pro - Cat Bordhi

2) Entrelac: from the Beginning to Endless Possibilities - Gwen Bortner

3) Stash Away Island - Christine Bylsma

4) The Elements of Design - Lily Chin

5) Seven Things that can "Make or Break" a Sweater - Margaret Fisher

6) Just "Bead" It!! - Betsy Hershberg....maybe next year.

7) Japanese Knitting Techniques - Maureen Mason-Jamieson

8) Ouroborus Garment - Debbie New

9) The Total Garment from Start to Finish - Judy Pascale

10) Colour (Canadian spelling) Recipes and Remedies - Merike Saarniit

11) Fair Isle: Everything You Need to Know - Candace Eisner Strick

Quite a list isn't it? There is some knitting royalty listed there and the knowledge that will be available to me is incredible!!

So which one do you think I chose?

Now, because some of my Cast Offs are my most loyal readers and have a bit of an inside track as to which class I may (nobody knows for sure though) have selected, I will pool all the correct guesses on Thursday June 5, (because Thursday is still the best day of the week!) and select one. The winner of the draw will receive a copy of.....

"Debbie Bliss Cotton Knits for all Seasons"!!!


My first contest!

Remember....only 24 more sleeps!!


Cotton Picker said...

1,354 comments for Yarn Harlot? Do you think she reads them all? When would she find the time to knit?

I don't know who's who in the knitting world but I vote for Merike Saarniit solely because of her very Estonian name (I am Estonian, LOL).

kgbknits said...

Well, in the spirit of Haiku, I'll cast a vote for Japenese Knitting Techniques.

Of course the Stash Away Island might be beneficial.

But, then again I don't think you got what you were looking for from the class at the Frolic, so maybe I'll vote for the Ouroborus Garment.
Yes, definitely the Ouroborus Garment.