Saturday, June 21, 2008

SOS '08


(cool reflection of the sunset from our backyard---the sun sets in the west; this is the view of the south-east!)


Summer Of Socks '08!!!! LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!!!!

A while back I read about Summer of Socks, followed the link and, of course, signed on. :o)

It's a group thing where you can post pictures of the socks you're knitting over the summer and/or knit as many pairs as you can. Last years winner was...42 pairs (or something unGodly like that); today was the official start date. I took a picture of assorted sock knitting items to launch the event, but knitting? Didn't happen. Sigh. All participants were given a sock pattern designed by Wendy (as in Wendy Knits --- the book?) in honour of the event.

I'm not going for any number of completed socks before the end of summer, but I do think that I'll enjoy taking some 'action' shots of my socks in progress. I had such a good time during the Inexplicable Knitting Behaviour day, that I'm sure with summer travels I'll make some more good memories.

I expect my first 'official' SOS picture will be as I leave for Camp Stitches.

To knit.

To learn how to Design Socks Like a Pro.

From Cat Bordhi.

At White Eagle, New York.

Where, I'll have a room to myself.

Where, they're gonna cook for me.

Where, they'll totally get why I'm taking pictures of stuff with my sock.

Where I'll choose the special, significant sock yarn to (someday) make the specially designed sock in honour of SOS '08.

Maybe I should finish that Mystery Shawl Knit-a-long from last summer first....?

Yea, probably not.

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kgbknits said...

You're starting off your SOS in the best place. Have fun, and bring back some lovely sock patterns.