Tuesday, June 3, 2008

But Wait! There's More!

If you're just viewing June 3rd for the first time today; move on down to the first post that I did today, "And I'd like to thank the Academy"

So, further to Priceless....

Take aforementioned wine (Yes, it's Tuesday and I'm drinking alone. Gotta problem with that? See the name of the blog? WINE, wool and whoppers!) and go upstairs carrying wine, wineglass (as given to you by your mother ) and corkscrew, because dammit, it took like, 10 minutes to uncork the #$%$%# bottle of wine, because of that defective corkscrew, to help aforementioned 8 year old who is now throwing books and stomping and shouting re: aforementioned homework, and trip up the stairs (no, it's not just you dad) due to the 'full' toe feature of your cute new shoes, thereby breaking glass from mother (yes, it was glass; not plastic), spilling wine that was needed, due to 8 year old homework situation (again). Now, have to pick up pieces of glass, tell the dog to stay away, fifteen times, and wipe up the spilled wine, swiffer the floor; all while listening to and translating the definition of IDENTIFY.

Thank God I didn't burn the steak!!
Can you spell M-U-L-T-I-T-A-S-K ????

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transitknitter said...

Okay, glad you got that. I couldn't even find that one in my Ontario list (remember last years tour) so I was stumped. I have the #2 I believe, or maybe #3. Haven't looked in awhile. (and yes I am still planning to look for more yarn and books) Glad you found your books. Trying to stay cool. Very hot and sticky here at 11am. Not anticipating improvement. I will try to read/comment on your blog more. I confess I am often a lurker buzzing through my day and needing a pick-me up so I pop by. That's not so bad, eh, keeps me from eating so much chocolate. Stay cool.