Friday, June 6, 2008

Drum Roll Please

O.K. I'll try not to take it too personally that I only got two guesses for my first contest. One from a non-knitter (Hi Cotton Picker!) and three (sort of) guesses from KGB Knits. First off, thanks for playing along (Drum Roll Please), and the winner is.....

Well, neither of you guessed correctly. :o(
So I offered the prize as a consolation prize to KGB Knits, but she said to save it for another contest, and to persevere on the blogging thing, because you just never know when somebodies going to visit. I do get a real kick out of it when somebody I don't know leaves a comment; it's just so much fun...(it really doesn't take much, does it?); getting a comment from a stranger is almost as much fun as getting one from the people I know!
Secondly, the correct answer was.....
Design Socks like a Pro with Cat Bordhi. I think that there were clues in my posts that this might be the direction that I would take; it's like that T.V. program a few summers ago...something about a Mole...and you had to look really carefully at everything for clues to the identity of the Mole! (I didn't get that one either)
Here are the reasons for my choice.
1) The Sock class was on my short list when I first signed up for camp.
2) Ties in with the Creative Plan '08.
3) Cat Bordhi?.....hello...Knitting Royalty!
4) Sock Camp looked like way toooooo much fun; I'm hoping to catch some of the energy!
5) While organizing the 'stash' I found that I have a 2' x 2' space full of sock yarn (plus some spill overs into/onto knitting bags and tables. :o)

So, herein lies the problem.
What kind of contest should I try for next? Do I try right away? Do I give it some time to see if I get a wider base of readership? Do I up the prize package?...
Ohoh----got ya there didn't I?
I've got a very busy (motherly) weekend planned (mapped out); so I'll try to come up with something in any down time that I may find; I'll ask around. People know exactly what I'm talking about when I start on about blogging and knitting etc. Yea, I fit in everywhere!

Cotton Picker: I am sorry that we won't be able to make it Saturday, but thank-you again for the invite, and have a great time! Keep scanning and posting (I remember 26-oy!) And, yes, the Harlot does read all her comments and knits with lightening speed, and writes, and blogs...she's my hero. :o)

Transitknitter: I purchased Patons Next Step Four at Art of Yarns when I was out west in February. (I had to work my brain, but I got it!!!!---there was singing involved there)

Stay cool everyone; we're in for a HOT one!

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