Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Camp Is....

Something you need to add to your Bucket List!!!

OMG!! What a great time!!!

Everybody, start saving now! Book the time off NOW!! Plan for it now! If you don't knit---learn NOW!!!
And now, the story...
Here is the sock that I started for the summer, with a glass of Pinot Grigio at Dules Airport in Washington DC.
This is where the flight that was to take me to Syracuse in time for the bus to pick me up and take me to Stitches Camp was cancelled. 30 minutes before take off.
Many people have asked me, "Why Washington? Why Fly?"
My answer remains, "I didn't want to drive. It was cheaper (ie less points) to take this connecting flight."
The few hours after the flight was cancelled was very stressful, but I remained 'in the moment' and knit, while repeating over and over (as I blocked out the guy that changed his story with each sentence about how important he was and how he HAD to get to Syracuse!!) 'everything is unfolding as it should, everything is unfolding as it should. Knit, knit, knit, knit....
Later on that evening the sock and I enjoyed another glass of Pinot Grigio at JFK; I took this photo for future inspiration.
(They asked me for ID. :o) I love JFK Airport)
Sooooo, I get into Syracuse at 1143 pm. There's a nice man waiting for me to give me a taxi ride to camp.
My luggage did not come to Syracuse. I was assured that I would get it Friday around 3 pm.
I get to camp at 1:30 Friday morning. I walk around in the dark trying to find my cabin. I find my cabin; luckily I packed an o.k. amount in my carry on to get me through the night and day (minus knitting class supplies---airplane rules and all).
I turn on the hot water...the tap makes a HORRENDOUS noice! I work with cold water.
Lights out 2 am Friday. (I left my house at 8 am Thursday; it's probably a 4-5 hour drive)
Class starts Friday at 8:30. I had a wonderful breakfast. Kim from The Mannings gave me a ride over to the classroom. I sat next down to a lady, and after a little intro from Cat, we started to work on baby socks; I asked Gretchen if I could borrow needles and yarn?
She loaned me some beautiful merino/cashmere and a couple of lovely smooth bamboo circular needles.
Friday at 5, I called the airline...they're not sure where my luggage is, but the last time it was scanned; it was in Chicago.
I've never been to Chicago.
I buy yarn at the 'store'. One of the rooms is set up with four vendors offering a plethora (love that word!) of knitting paraphernalia, books, yarn, roving, patterns....ooooohhhhh, you want it; they've got it!!!
So yes, I bought yarn (the first yarn I bought actually) to work on socks on Saturday, because we had pretty much completed our dry run on baby socks Friday.
I won a book on Friday Night too! Denim People by Rowan. At camp they draw names and give away prizes....books, yarn, yarn jewellery...it's so exciting!!
On Saturday morning I decide to catch the shuttle to the classroom because, while I wore relatively comfortable shoes for the plane ride; traversing four airports, end to end, and then maneuvering gravel pathways...well I thought it was time I gave myself a break and get chauffeured instead of taking the short walk.
And that's when I lost it.
I really was keeping the whole thing in perspective. I was safe. I had yarn. I had a warm (or cool if I turned on the AC) place to sleep. I was being fed (very well too!). There was wine available (Chardonnay, but hey, we're at camp) And really, there was nothing I could do about any of it anyway; so just go with the flow.
Saturday morning, however, in all my Zen-ness; of being in the moment; calm, peace....I left my book and my yarn/knitting (that was borrowed) in my room---had not taken it to breakfast; therefore had not taken it with me on the shuttle.
Well, THAT WAS THE LAST STRAW!!! I FORGOT MY BOOK IN MY ROOM AND IT WAS THE AIRLINES FAULT!!! I had coped as best I could, but that? That was about all I could take!
And then...
Knitters are wonderful. I had not one, but several offers to go back to my room to get my stuff. Through all of this 'crisis' I had really tried to keep a relatively low key about the whole thing. The Airline had given me a courtesy overnight kind of bag with toothpaste, mini deodorant etc. and a T-Shirt. People were generously offering clothes and knitting related items, but I wanted to keep it simple (as is the idea of camp) and remained hopeful that the airline would, indeed, deliver my luggage as promised.
After Cat gave a little overview/review and set us on our own, another lovely knitter took me back to my room where I retrieved my notes and yarn.
I came back to class and started my toe...
Doesn't that look like fun?!
Yea, it was all great fun until I ripped it out! Still making progress though.
My luggage was delivered during dinner Saturday Night, to great cheers and applause. Another lady, Phoenix, had her luggage lost, but it was delivered to her on Sunday...just in time to pack up and head for home!
I now have another photo to add to my 'claim to fame' collection.

Cat Bordhi, a talented, inspiring, funny, warm human being; I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to spend time with her and all the other sock, ouroborous, sweater making, yarn dying, button making, entrelac, Japanese, fairisle KNITTERS!!

I made it home with luggage intact and only a slight delay in Syracuse, and got plenty of knitting done while waiting for the planes.

I can hardly wait to get together with these fine people another time, but next time?I'll look into ALL my options to get where I want to go! Two days out of my life in exchange for 8-10 hours of driving time. Jeeez.

I love camp. I really do.


kgbknits said...

Welcome back! Glad you had a good time, even without your luggage.

Looking forward to more pictures, and camp stories.

transitknitter said...

Hi,so sorry about the luggage thing. Hope the chat about the carry on helped mitigate some of the problem.

I am very glad you had a good time inspite of the problems. Besides, you had wool and knitters. You were in the zone, baby.

Working my way west. Made it to Ram Wools (sat in the parking lot waiting for it to open, craziness of family at this tempered by park & play equipment across the street) it was wonderful.

Prarie Knits has unfortunately closed. Have hopes for future stops though.

Hoping to hear all your tales and see your new purchases in the future.

Cotton Picker said...

Sounds like you enjoyed the experience in spite of the set backs. When you are with like minded people who share your passion, you know they will come to your aid.

Am I to understand that the only white wine offering was Chardonnay? In my book, that's really roughing it.