Tuesday, July 8, 2008

O.K. New Plan

For all my knitter friends (and those friends who wish they were knitters --- whether they know it or not!); here is a fair sampling of my purchases from Camp Stitches in New York. I believe that some more of the wonders that were available at camp found their way into my suitcase---I blame Debbie New's book for how heavy the thing was!

There are patterns, books, sock yarn, knitting accessories...because, well, why knot? hehe
There is a t-shirt with a Llama on it from Saratoga Llamas in New York; I was getting worried about running out of clothes...so I bought a Llama t-shirt...it's pink. :o) I also formed a relationship with the Llama roving that was available; tried to have a spin, but it was reinforced again that the only way to get better at anything is to practise!! I was getting impatient because I wasn't doing very well and other people were....
buying the other stuff that was there!!
You thought I was going to say watching, didn't you?
So I brought the fabulous fibre home and set it close to some of the other fabulous fibres that live here (all within 4 feet of my spinning wheel) and then did a ton of laundry and then left for another fun filled weeekend with THE RED HOT MAMAS in Montreal (more about that another day!).
Today I was catching up on blogs to see if any details have been launched about The Summer Knitting Olympics. I've had my Olympic project planned since February, but the Harlot has decided not to host the event so I had to come up with a new plan (hence the title of today's entry) and that's when I found out about The Tour de Fleece.
I've thought about it all day...
I'm in.
As with the Socks of Summer knitalong, I'm not going to be setting undue pressure on myself (again), but my goal for The Tour de Fleece is to spin a little everyday. That's all, just spin a little everyday.
And now, back to my knitting camp story...(sorry about the jumping back and forth in time. I would've liked to make the transition smoother---and I bet you I could have to---but some people are bugging me for dinner)
By Saturday morning I was getting a little ansy about my luggage really finding me or not and had made plans with the other 'luggage loosing knitter' (hey Phoenix!) to go into Hamilton to pick up a few necessities...

Yes, Cotton Picker, the only White Wine selection at the TeePee (the cabin with the booze) was a Chardonay and a White Zin; so I bought a bottle of Pinot Grigio and the friendliest Liquor store I've ever been to! We had a blast!! We were greeted by the cutest little fluffy white dog that sweet talked us and loved us all over up until he heard the cash register complete the sale and then...flop. His work here was done, we had been taken in by his charms and purchased several bottles of wine, Phoenix even bought some Champagne (Yea, camp is tough!), so after we had laid out the cash he could go back to just laying around!
If you weren't tipsy going into this store...you sure felt like you'd had a few by the time you got out, but could still pass a Breathalyzer!

I had purchased the wine, but alas, my corkscrew and private traveling wine glass were still in the suitcase that had not arrived yet. I chilled my wine and broke down and asked to borrow a corkscrew and drank out of a plastic cup---yes, I was roughing it.

And then my suitcase arrived...

Everybody present and accounted for! help me

These were o.k. for a short amount of airport traversing, but not 3 days!!!

This is much better!!

Sorry about the sideways photo...just tilt your head and pretend you're doing some yoga stretches or something.

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