Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Room --- The Cottage

As I sit and prepare my last post before I head off to a rental cottage for the next three weeks, I am reminded of a time not so long ago when life was so much simpler...

Yes, I'm still talking about Knitting Camp.

I was looking through pictures on my computer the other day and realized that there was still so much to share about camp! For instance, here is my 'Wine, Wool and Whoppers' staged shot---

Let's review this picture from left to right, shall we? The brightly coloured orange and yellow and pink sock yarn? Purchased at camp from Ellen's 1/2 Pint Farm. :o)

This picture was taken after I received my luggage; I know this because that's where my wine glass was packed!

Rainbow whoppers? I've heard mixed reviews on these treats, but I enjoyed them. Period.

A compact reading/knitting light, courtesy of KGB. Thank-you again. :o)

Mini blue socks---blue merino and cashmere!---thanks to the wonderful thoughtfulness of fellow sock design knitting class attendee, Gretchen. Gretchen also looked after my 'needles lost in luggage issue', by loaning me the lovely bamboo, circular knitting needles that the blue and red sock is posed on.

Wine? A lovely Pinot Grigio from the quaint Liguor store in Hamilton, NY. Hey, Pheonix!

Red and blue sock? Mine. Yarn purchased Friday night at camp, because luggage was GONE; somewhere in Chicago! The sock shown in the picture was 'frogged' the next day as my foot was one of the exceptions to the new rules that we embraced for our new sock making technique. Please note, however, THE BEST LITTLE KNITTING TOOL EVER, as attached to the pictured sock. It is a row counter. A wonderful, aesthetically pleasing (it's the best way I could think of to describe it!), entirely useful, little piece of Knitting Jewelry out there! Now, just to blow my own horn a little, (my husband doesn't seem to appreciate this trait of mine) once I bought this little gem and showed it to some of the other knitters that I had become acquainted with, (I Love Camp) they sold out! Yup, I pulled a Harlot; mentioned a find to the masses and BAM!!! They're snapped up like nobodies business! Leave me a comment if you're interested in getting some Jewelry For Your Yarn and I'll send you the email address or phone number!

So, that covers the staged shot within my room; here is my room from the outside. All the rooms had Indian names. Isn't that great? Just like camp!

My own little, quiet, t.v. did not even get turned on, didn't find out who was in the other side of the cabin until the day before we left, could walk around wearing WHATEVER I wanted to (or just plain had available to me), leave as much yarn laying around as I wanted to, somebody came in and made my bed, tidied the bathroom, emptied the trash and there was no place to cook, room.

I took this picture on one of my last hikes (and I use the word 'hike' loosely) back from the classroom to 'my room'. Isn't it lush and lovely?! The birds were singing and the trees were beautiful. There's a whole historic village set up; it really was nice.

This is one of the typical views that the knitters enjoyed when they gathered to share their love of the craft. And as one of the few Canadians there.....Wow, eh?

So now, I pack up the kids and myself (my husband does his own packing; last year he packed and then forgot to load it into the truck. No, I'm not laughing. ;o) to head off to a cottage for three weeks (husband and dog will do time on the weekends). It is a beautiful lake and we have plans to get together with a lot of dear and wonderful friends. We have a boat now, so that I don't have to stress and physically 'work' at getting around. The cottage looks very comfortable and I've packed a lot of knitting, some quilting, and some books too. I've packed some games, crafts and water toys for kids; so that some of this will be my holiday as well! When we get back we'll only have a couple of weeks before school (or as my children say, 'the beep word') is back and one of those weeks I'm covering for holidays in the office!

This summer, even though we're not even half way through yet, is just flying by!

I won't be on line for the next three weeks, but hope that everybody stays safe, healthy and above all...


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Hope you have an enjoyable and productive time at the cottage.