Friday, July 18, 2008


Hi There!

I do really have a few more things to say about camp; in fact I had a whole '10 Things I learned at Camp' blog title in my head, but....ran out of time. I hopefully will get back to sharing more camp stories, but it's going to take a bit more effort to get all those ideas back!

I'm going to go a bit random here, because then I will at least get a post up. (Hey KGB!)

1) Here is a SOS '08 themed shot.

I've completed one pair of socks using Dream In Colour Smooshy, colourway 'Flamingo Pie'. My friend has size 4 feet; as Cat Bordhi says, "don't you wish all your friends had size 4 feet?!"

I got me some sheep sock blockers from The Loopy Ewe!

I wound some yarn that I bought at camp....just to take the edge off one morning.

I bought some new sock yarn in Parry Sound this past weekend while attending the 5th Annual Bobby Orr Hall of Fame Induction Celebration.

Why, you ask?

Why the yarn, or why the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame?

Yarn: because I don't have any of that kind. :o)

2) Bobby Orr: My husband (with the help of dear friends Steve and Cory) and me too (I guess) bought the tickets to present to 'The Original Four' (as opposed to the original six), that being my mom, my dad, my brother and myself, for Christmas '07.

We grew up listening to how wonderful Bobby Orr was. My dad can give Don Cherry a run for his money as far as being Bobby's biggest fan! This was an opportunity for us to be there; to witness the moment that my dad would meet Bobby Orr.


The weekend was amazing! They know how to throw a party in Parry Sound! The weather was perfect. We enjoyed an evening cruise on Friday, had the next day to explore/shop or play golf and then were treated to a wonderful dinner, followed by an extremely well presented and moving ceremony....not a dry eye in the house.

The autograph signing was a long process and didn't leave a lot of time for chit chat, but everybody was so excited just to be there! It was a wonderful and thoughtful gift that my husband gave to us. It's been a very long time since the four of us were all on our own and while my brother doesn't get why I brought my knitting with me...well, I don't get why they brought golf clubs.

So there.

3) I've been taking a fair number of photos of late. Actually, I've been taking pictures for years, and everyone's favourites are the ones where I show them a bunch of trees and say, "there's a really neat bird in there".
Then digital came along and that was a bit better, but I didn't seem to be getting all the cool shots that others were able to; so they must have better camera's than me, because it's always about the equipment that we're given to work with isn't it? So I went to our local camera shop Henry's to see about getting a better camera; the gentleman there very kindly asked a few questions about the camera that I was already using (no, I didn't have it with me---and it's a Kodak Easy Share) and informed me that there was usually a little picture of a flower on the dial to help with the close up shots.

What a nice guy. (me? not so smart.)

So, using my new skills of turning off the flash and setting the camera for close ups, I was able to get this shot the other day.

Isn't that cool? It's a moth sitting on the outside of my kitchen window; so I was able to take a shot from the belly up view! I love the feathery antennae!

4) If you were at the Montreal Jazz Festival weekend before last perhaps you saw this fabulous group of women?!

It was decided that our husbands are indeed the luckiest men alive, because we ARE the Hottest Mama's out there!!!

There are more photos of the Red Hot Mama's in Montreal, but....

"What happens in Montreal, stays in Montreal."...or Toronto, or Deerhurst, or Niagara-on-the-Lake, and next year....Christie's Mill Inn! WoooHoooo!

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kgbknits said...

Hey Hey!!

Glad to see you found some time for blogging. The socks are preeety! Size 4 feet??? Are you kidding me?? She'll never know what it is to have clown feet. Poor girl.