Wednesday, October 6, 2010

And a One, And a...

As promised, here is the Shell from Knitter's Summer 2010 K99 issue. I'm using the specified yarn and have even gone with 2 of the 4 recommended colours! If the store had had the other 2 I would've gone with them too! I'm using my Signature Needles and loving the whole experience!
This is my "go to project" while I'm catching up on Glee episodes. I can knit and tap my feet to the music! I'm a total Gleek and proud of it!


I've completed the second repeat on Seascape, a whole four days ahead of schedule!

This is turning out to be a pretty easy-going pattern. Notice I did not say easy pattern, that would just be tempting the knitting gods too much, but 'easy-going', as in, I was able to take it to an appointment I had yesterday and knit away, using the chart and all, without screwing it up! I found another knitter in the waiting room, a nice lady named Pat (What is it with me and knitting and Pats?) and we entertained ourselves (and a few others too) knitting away in the corner until our names were called. I owe her $5 because I got called first, even though she was there before me. At least that's what she said, we did not shake hands on it or anything. ;o)

Since you now know that row 23 is my favourite row, I thought you might be interested in my second favourite's row #1. These two rows have straight forward knits, yarn overs and k2tog and SSK decreases. I love SSK; it's such a sweet decrease. A stitch that just gets me swooning, however, is a 'Centre Double Decrease'! OOOhhhh, I just get so excited to work those and with this pattern I get to do six on every right side row!

Some of my favourite stitches combined with some of my favourite yarn? No wonder I'm making such good progress!


Maria said...

You're crazy! I mean that with the utmost respect.

thatdarncat said...

Very pretty!
You are going to be one fashionable chick on the beach in Mexico!