Monday, October 25, 2010

Awww, The Comforts of Home

Honestly, I just make these titles up as the page opens, and sometimes they're bang on!

So today I'm going to take you back, bring you up to date and back again.

Are you ready?

Get set?


A couple of weeks, too recent, I'm going to go a little further.

Several years ago a dear, dear friend of mine left me. Too dramatic?

Her husband kidnapped her? Too harsh.

O.K. fine. My friend moved.

Happy? Well I wasn't, but thankfully we live in an age where distance seems to matter less and less. Between Long Distance plans, emails, blogs and even snail mail we have kept in touch through the good and the bad of these past few years.

A couple of weeks ago...I received a little of the 'good'.

Chris made me some socks.

Somebody made socks for me.

If you think hand knit socks are wonderful things, well, "gifted hand knit socks" just ROCK THE HOUSE!!

Chris moved someplace where it's usually nice and warm...she says it's just hot. I wanted to send her some pictures of our fall colours. Last week we woke up to something looking a lot like this (everybody I live with was Not so much. In fact there may have been some words unbefitting a knitter uttered); so I was a little worried that I had missed my opportunity.
I took these photos today in my front yard. (I just wrote yarn instead of yard...hehehe)

I'm sitting outside with an Ice Cap (Mocha), I have a light spring jacket on and I think I'm a little overdressed. We're in for a mild week and after that little scare/reminder last week that this wonderful summer will indeed come to an end, we need to make sure that we enjoy every last little morsel of it.

Then I went out back, so that some of the local wildlife could be included in the photo-op.

Chris loves local wildlife, and local wildlife loves Chris. And I do too, thanks Chris, I love my socks. You did a fantastic job. In fact, what cast on do you use? It's nice and a good way!

O.K. back a little again, I was out for a walk just when the leaves really got into their changing mode and stopped to get a shot of one of my favourite trees on our street. I took this with my iPhone and always try to work around the wires that are right in the way! Every year they're in my way. Huh.

Here's me and my iPhone again.

This was a "stop and smell the roses" kind of shot. I was on my way to work (hehe work---making babies---hehe); was running a little behind (nothing new) and thought, "Oh, what a lovely sunrise this morning. I'm late. I better get going." But as I backed out of the garage, I thought, "NO! Life is all about taking the time to notice these little gems and NOBODY is going to take that lesson away from me." So, I pulled into our back lot, got out of the van and took a couple of shots.
I wasn't able to spend a long time with the view, and here's the kicker; if I hadn't been rushing out to work, I might not have really noticed it all! I'd be staying cozy in my house. So, while I may have appeared to be joining the "hurry up and get to it" crowd, I was actually able to catch something beautiful because of it, and because I'm learning to slow down and appreciate these treasures...that's what I did.
Did that make sense?


thatdarncat said...

Yes, it made a lot of sense. We all need to slow down, and appreciate the "good" in life now and then.

You are lucky to have such a good friend to knit beautiful socks for you. Wear them in good health.

chris said...

aw, so glad you like them. miss ya

Becky said...

Hi! I'm Becky from The Quilting Bookladye. I found the Quilt Sampler magazine with the quilt from the shop in Ringgold, GA. Your account is set at noreply. Please send me your e-mail address so I can send you a digital photo of the quilt.