Friday, January 21, 2011

A Blue Christmas Story

Once Upon a Time...I went to Pick Up Sticks and bought some roving, Colourway Royal and some roving, Colourway Jade.
I spun singles and plied them together creating "Blue Christmas".

I washed my two ply in Soak and then draped it, in all it's glory, in front of the fire to dry as I wanted to get it ready quickly to present to my wonderful knitting friends at our Christmas party.
I weighed it, calculated how many grams I could give to each knitter and wound it around a kleenex box so I could make nice little skeins for them.

They all seemed pleased to receive a small token of my affections.

Last night I was pleased to see my yarn, yarn that I had made, yarn that I had taken from it's infancy (o.k. maybe just youth) through to adulthood, had become, at the hands of our newest knitter (newest to the group; having just learned to knit in the past few months, but holds the title of "Most Amazing Crocheter Ever!")...

The PINE TREE BOOKMARK (ravelry link). Get it? Pine Tree? Blue Christmas?
This is so cool! I think I'll go spin some more...

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