Monday, January 17, 2011

Short and Sweet

I spent the weekend in Niagara-On-The-Lake with three dear friends. We get together every 3-4 months whether it be a quick lunch or a full weekend. We've known each other for close to seventeen years and every time we get together we can't believe that it' been that long!
This time it was a weekend and we LOVE them!
There is always a lot of good food, good wine and good fun. We've all had our trials and tribulations over the years, but these friends are special. We all know all there is to know...And we love each other all the more for it.
Here are some of the spoils of the weekend.

We were all lucky enough to get some gifts (we never get to see each other before Christmas) and we also managed to get some shopping in.
My dear mostly non-knitting, non-sewing friends made sure I got to visit the new little shop in town. bee modern fabrics & yarns is a very cute and friendly store and I look forward to visiting again...when it's warmer!
Here's a little something I picked up near the cash register before heading to the store next door where my "Bee" necklace was waiting for me to rescue it and bring it home.

You may have noticed my blog's "new" look. Early Sunday afternoon when we were trying to delay our departure, our hostess commented on how nice my knitting looked with the sun and cushions and everything. I gave her my camera and put her to work with the request that she give me something "Artsy-Fartsy".
I like it.
So that's my short and sweet entry. I had planned to do this all day. I had planned to write more and to write with more whit. That didn't happen; what did happen is I got my oil changed, my emissions test done, dinner made and four loads of laundry done...well almost, I'm going to go throw the last load in the dryer now.
A weekend away just isn't enough and when I get home it was too long to be gone. It's good to know that all three of my friends feel the same way.


Wannietta said...

Love the new look - tres artsy-fartsy!!! ;-)

Cotton Picker said...

I love the new look of your blog. The header is perfect. :)

We go to Niagara-on-the-Lake a few times a year, so very good to know about the fabric store. I wonder how I could have possibly overlooked it the last time I was there.

thatdarncat said...

Love the new look. I think it is more chic...not unlike yourself!