Friday, January 7, 2011

On a more positive note...

Today when I went to pick up some long forgotten dry cleaning...the lady could not believe that I wasn't 32.
I laughed, smiled and thanked her many times and did eventually tell her my real age and had to cross my heart that I was telling the truth and that next month I will be 49.
32?! HA! And without makeup; I think she was just trying to get my business.


I have to make this a quick know, family...

One benefit of that previous thaw was that I got to drive around in my new toy!

I got it just before we went to Mexico and found out upon returning that it does not, indeed, enjoy driving in the snow. In fact, it just plain does not drive in the snow. It sits and spins it's wheels in the middle of a busy street, but driving? It does not.
It's a 2005, in really good condition and the next time you see it I'm sure that it will look quite a bit different. It's a "work" vehicle and will have some artwork done to reflect that. If you look closely enough, though, you will see some knitting references....I promise! I have "the Mini Story" that I will share next time you see it.

O.K. besides the thaw and all that other bothersome whining last post, I mentioned hats and knitting.
This is the had I knit for my youngest niece. I added the corkscrews to an otherwise plain had. There were matching mittens too.

My eldest niece got a (relatively) last minute addition to the Christmas knitting list. She wore it to her first skiing lesson the next day; so I think it was a hit.

This was added after the success of my son's had Christmas morning. My love affair with all things Noro continues as I work on a hat form The Love of Knitting Winter 2010 for my husband who admired my handiwork and only suggested that it fold up a little more to keep a guy's ears warm when he's skiing. It's Silk Garden in browns and blacks. The colour doesn't really show up that well here; some photos I took were too dark and others were too light.
This has gone on for longer than I would like, only because I decided to try to surprise him, and then I forgot to take it to knit night and then I didn't have the pattern handy...anyway, the knitting is now done and I just have a few ends to tie in and then I'll wait for a good time to present it. I think it'll be o.k., but you never know; I think I'm batting 0.5 for 4. And yet, I keep trying.

As of December 28, I officially put away my "Knitting for Other's Projects" (which lasted from Dec. 1-27; I swear I only worked on stuff for other people for the whole month) and worked on something for me. I picked up this yarn and pattern at Stitches West 2007 and thought that I should tackle it since Maria (it's number 13 on her list---COOL POST!!) showed me how nice it knits up. I'm using a choral, charcoal grey and dusty mauve colour combination.

It's nice; I like it...even the garter stitch part. Huh.

I've made steady progress on this too and will have more to show you next time. Happy Knitting everybody and thanks for dropping by.

**Happy day! My spell check only showed one spelling error! WooHoo. It really doesn't take much.


Wannietta said...

Don't look for reasons ... take the compliment!!!
Can't wait to see the artwork & there is nothing wrong with maintaining a love affair with Silk Garden - I love that yarn and the colours ... oy!!!

Connie said...

Greg's gonna be liking that little car - not as much as the little truck but still -

thatdarncat said...

Cute as a button! Perfect for bopping around town (visiting yarn shops, of course!). How much yarn does it hold?

I can attest...not a wrinkle to be seen.